Real Battle for Egypt and the Arab World

The stage is set for a finale between Mubarak loyalists and the Brotherhood. At least thats how westerm nedia wants the world to view the upcoming final presidential elections in Egypt. Behind the smoke screen one gets to see another battle, the real one, which could change the course of Arab history, once again.

The ruler of Egypt is in effect the uncrowned sultan of the Arab world. Its not only because of Egypt’s wealth, population, army or intellectual prowess. The world can remember from history why Egyptian leadership is crucial to Arabs’ political position on the world stage. Lets remind us, again.

Egypt is the only Arab-Muslim country who signed a peace treaty with Israel. It is also the only Arab country which defeated Israel in the Ramadan war (Yum Kippur war). The only Arab country which can practically enforce Palestinian demands on world stage against Israel’s intentions, thanks to its intellectual and diplomatic clout as the leading Arab state.

Egyptian society is by far the most academically advanced, socially sophisticated and open in comparison to other reclusive, close minded and backward Arab states. Its writers, politicians and thinkers, past and present, gave strength to global movement of thoughts and ideas which shaped generations. The literary society of Egypt is also the most respected in and out of the country.

Its military superior to the combined strength of all the Gulf Arab states. Its armed forces prepare for defensive and offensive hostilities against its old arch rival, Israel, something which other Arab states dare not dream about.

The strategic importance of Egypt is by far the most important piece in Egypt’s political supremacy over all other Arabs. Saddam’s Iraq had soldiers but lacked the brains to match his physical strength. Egypt has both. Israel and her allies know it only too well. It must therefore be Israel’s top priority to make sure that a Tel Aviv friendly regime sits in Cairo.

The presidential race in Egypt has two opponents, and its not  Morsi and Shafik. The candidates are Egyptians on one hand versus US-Israeli supported groups on the other. The soul searching for the real candidates depends on Egyptians’ readiness to embrace their destiny as the champions of justice in that region, if not the entire muslim world.

Commentary: A Worst-Case Scenario in Egypt? | The National Interest.


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