Can you discover belief through thinking

For years I was told that I should believe blindly in God.  Whenever I questioned the ‘logic’ behind a particular ritual I got an immediate response not to question the proofs. Other option was to convert to something else. Converting became less attractive as I learned that other religions were based purely on spirituality, mythology, emotions and traditions. So I turned to look at ‘belief’ from a learners’ viewpoint. Does Islam allow its believers to choose ‘belief’ through the use of  intellect, reason and rational thought?
Surah Bani Israel Ch. 17 V.36
And pursue not that of which thou hast no knowledge; for every act of
hearing, or of seeing or of [feeling in] the heart will be enquired into [on the Day of Reckoning].The Qur’an strongly opposes the blind following of the faith of parents and ancestors. It invites people to use their reasoning ability and intelligence in ascertaining the truth (See 38:29,47:24,43:3,21:10). The Qur’an not only provides evidence for its claims (see 4:174,6:104) but also asks its opponents to provide sufficient proofs (see 21:24, 27:64, 2:111, 37:157). Blind following of ancestors involves a person to accept their beliefs without question or sufficient proof. The blind submission to ancestral beliefs is to keep Mankind away from the message of the Qur’an:

“When they are told to follow what Allah has revealed,they say:’Nay we shall follow the ways that we found our fathers following! ‘What ! Even if it is Satan beckoning them to the penalty of the blazing (fire)?”(31:21) Instead of taking guidance for all matters requiring guidance from the Book of Allah, people insist upon copying the ways of their fathers.” What! Have We given them a Book before this to which they are holding fast?” (43:21)
“Nay! They say:’We found our fathers following a certain way and we will guide ourselves by their footsteps.” (43:22)
“Just in the same manner,whenever We sent a Warner before you to any town,the wealthy ones among them said: ’Surely we found our fathers following a certain way and we will certainly follow in their footsteps.” (43:23)

By following the faith of their ancestors people get involved in worshipping those names and heroes which exist in their ancestral traditions and don’t serve Allah alone. Joseph (PBUH) also faced similar situations and he reminds:

“If not Him you serve nothing but names which you have named, you and your fathers,–for which Allah has revealed no authority: The government is for none but Allah; He has ordered that you be subservient to none but Him, that is the established Deen (System of life) but most of Mankind do not know.” (12:40)

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