Mr Fraudster, spirituality cant be inherited

Wherever we look we see corruption. Financial, moral, ethical, physical, spiritual and just about every other kind of it exist in most muslim countries. In a particular muslim country of 150 million, fruits and vegetables vendors openly admit to using poisonous medicines for preservation. None can consume food in that country without ensuring a minimum supply of medicines reserved only for dead bodies!!
Another muslim country with 180 million people ensured their position as a failed state not before hammering lies about Islamization, good governance and artificial superiority over other lesser muslims. In the most populous Arab muslim country its former strongman is allegedly the owner of $70 billion stolen from state treasury.
Just because a country claims to be an Islamic republic does not really mean anything. It can be the most unislamic country in the world and still officially claim to be islamic. Its only the deeds that make a state Islamic, and nothing else. Rulers ofcourse dont believe in deeds except those that enrich themselves legally or otherwise. Why do rulers commit corruption while they know? Because they dont believe they have to answer for their misdeeds on the day of judgement. They are not muslims at all although they carry muslim names.
Muslim countries are filled with corrupt government officers at the top and unethical business owners at the bottom. In the middle are ordinary people who remain confused about Islam when they see muslims engaged in corruption without diminishing ritualistic performances. Rulers steal from the state, shopkeepers steal from consumers, banks steal from depositors, brokers cheat investors, and the list goes on. Who will judge between men in such societies where corruption is generalized inclusively. No one would be morally upright to judge another. They all fall under the broad category of fraudsters.
Woe to those that deal in fraud,-

Those who, when they have to receive by measure from men, exact full measure,

But when they have to give by measure or weight to men, give less than due.

Do they not think that they will be called to account?
(TMQ Al Mutaffin 1 to 4)
What kind of person will deny the Day of Judgement when it is clearly mentioned in the Quran? Only such a person denies who believes not in the Holy Quran as the word of Allah swt. 
The people of Makkah used to call it “tales of the ancients” to reduce the divine commands into “stories”. Allah swt has reserved a reward for these Quran deniers befitting their disbelief. Nobody can inherit Islam as the status of a believer is only through deeds. Belief alone could fail the test without deeds to back it up with action.
Frauds will lie, cheat and steal because they dont believe in the Quran or the Day of Judgement. Their islamic names and ritualism are a screen for their mischief. They are not religious at all. They are just Mutaffifin (defrauder).

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