You are a good person, but is it enough to save you?

I know you are not an unjust person. You don’t have many bad habits either. I know I have some bad habits but I don’t consider myself to be a criminal with a history of disorderly behavior. While I am so glad to know that I am not that bad of a person still I am feeling a bit uneasy about something.

Its like this, say, I was working for a company engaged in drug trafficking. I could be a simple accountant or a receptionist doing my job honestly without any association with the criminal business operation. One day my office comes under raid by law enforcers. Security guards open fire and in the encounter I get shot with fatal injuries to my head. My life ends in humiliation and disgrace after my name is linked with the cartel. Now, am I really safe from my surroundings although individually I am an honest and upright person? No, I don’t think so.

I am now worried about what is happening to me as a member of a larger social group as opposed to an individual only. I know I am not breaking the law as an individual but I am no longer sure if I am safe from the cartel of criminals. I turn to my inner self in search for answers to these questions. My heart wants to admit that seeing a society from a hill top provides better road map to identify the true path to the destination. To check lifes’ road map one has to step out of the materialistic thinking and open the inner eyes visualizing the self from a lofty position on a mountain.

There, in the depths of hearts’ universal space rests a warning written in the ink of eternity. It’s a line from the Holy Quran, the Word of God, that says:


TMQ (10:13) by Yusuf Ali:

Generations before you We destroyed when they did wrong: their messengers came to them with clear-signs, but they would not believe! thus do We requite those who sin!


My fears are locked up in those lines. Allah swt destroyed “generations” for their injustices, wrong doings and crimes. Sins of individuals feed into the social fabric of the whole system. In the past, generations destroyed themselves by their criminal conducts and that’s why they deserved to be punished for what they earned. Nations kept on accruing enough evil until destruction was justified against them as a consequence. There were good and bad men in those societies as well. But the work of a good man was mixed with evil as sugar melts in water becoming colorless. Generations that earned destruction as rewards spared none when the calamity struck. Maybe individually one will be judged separately in afterlife but in this world all were partners in a horrible end.

Does this not mean that none of us are safe until we have accounted ourselves (our generation) for our actions? Yes it does to me. It is irrelevant (and quite frankly ridiculous) to segregate ourselves into pockets of ethnicities, nationalities or tribal groups. Its comical to see some groups of religious men assume the keys to salvation, heavens and angels. Ritualistic groups assume to have drawn an imaginary immunity robe over themselves through chants and blind following. One group says turn the other cheek to wrong doers, sinners and evil mongers. Another group tells me to submit to the laws of cruel dictators, tyrants and usurpers. Another group sanctifies laws protecting the interest of greedy usurious war mongering profiteers.

National boundaries separated by barbed wires are as silly (to me) as putting up walls in the living room. Barbed wires guarantee state discrimination for sharing natural resources. That’s another form of wrong doing on the people. Is it not most unjust that while one nation swims in food wastage another dies from poverty? These natural resources were meant for mankind not for particular races or nationalities. Their restricting access to what God created and made available to all is a crime against humanity as well as a crime against God.

Sure, as individuals we are not wrong doers, but we know there is a lot of wrong happening around us. We know it because we see it and since we are aware, it turns into our responsibility to hold ourselves accountable for it. But how we can we account ourselves when we are not the ones doing the wrong. There are powerful people and institutions who are the champions of greed, power and materialism. How can we hold them accountable when they have authority over us?

To take those powerful corrupt usurpers we would need a more powerful force. This alternate powerful force has to dwarf them and humble them. I am not talking about the power of a loaded gun or a mass political platform. I am talking about the power of Belief!

Whenever an individual attains belief he will set his life according to it. The person who believes that Allah swt is the Most High, Most Powerful, Most Just, he will not fear anyone regardless of worldly material strengths. He will not be able to obey the unjust ways of wrong doers at all. A believer will revolt. He has to revolt against those who commit crimes against humanity.

The wrong doers are sinners, deniers of the Day of Judgment, they are disbelievers in God, His Books and His Prophets. Their disbelief has lead them to commit crimes to promote and enjoy their philosophy of “material advancement” at any cost.

Disbelievers reject the creed of life after death and therefore their moral principles are subjected to their selfish pursuit of happiness in this life only. To obey the wrong doer is to worship them in the same way.

It is impossible for a believer not to rise up against tyrants and oppressors who commit wrongs. He must warn others about corruption, criminality, injustice, mischief, greed and all other evils whether those are committed on him or on someone else.

What do I see in my own society, wherever I turn my face I see corruption, dishonesty, disregard for law, neglect for unprivileged poor, and the list keeps getting fatter every day. What is bothering me more now is that our society no longer has appetite to rise up against these evils. Due to a general lack of spiritual awakening we are blind to the Creator’s laws of requital, where generations like ours were destroyed in the past because of their wrong deeds and so will it be for any generation now or in the future which commits evils.


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