Three steps to change your world

There is a difference between two worshippers engaged in the same ritual but with two very different dimensions. One fellow believes his worship will elevate his position, lift him to a higher ranking to an extent that he would feel that it is he who gives to the Creator. For his ‘giving’ to the Creator a worshipper might believe that his reward for being a ‘practicing’ worshipper is fully secured. Another kind of worshipper should know that God is not in any need from His creations. Human beings and everything else in the universe depend on God, Allah, for their very existence and in every moment of their lives. God is Allah, He is Al-Hayy (Ever living), Al Qayyum (Self existing), Al Ghani (the Rich), Al Mughni (the Enricher), AsSamad (the Satisfier of all needs), Al Qadir (the all Powerful).

The first commandment for the Holy Prophet Muhammad (swm) after Iqra Bismi Rabbikalladhi (Read in the name of thy Lord) was Qum Fa-Andhir (Arise and Warn). We can connect these two commandments to see the position of our job priorities. The Quran begins with the word IQRA, which has a wider meaning including such concepts as reading, reciting, learning, studying, knowing, discovering, glancing, unraveling. The Quran starts from this point which can be understood as an intelligent base, one which requires the use of man’s faculties of reasoning and understanding. The Quran ushers the process of using the intellect just as a car key starts an engine. Allah swt further informs us that it is He swt who teaches man through the Pen, Allama bil Qalam, and here is a message for all of humanity which the Holy Quran begins with. Allah swt tells His beloved Prophet (swm) and the rest of mankind starting in suarh Alaq the use of the rational mind, human intelligence, to read and to write as the starting point for knowing the Quran. Allah swt makes these concepts the basis of what is going to follow in the future revelations.

Proclaim! (or read!) in the name of thy Lord and Cherisher, Who created- Created man, out of a (mere) clot of congealed blood: Proclaim! And thy Lord is Most Bountiful,- He Who taught (the use of) the pen,- Taught man that which he knew not. ( TMQ 96: 1-5)

Later on, Allah swt began the second phase of revelation once the importance of intelligence and rational thinking was seated in the prophets’ (swm) heart. In Al Mudathir, Allah swt gives the second command to Prophet Muhammad swm. Allah swt tells the prophet to Arise and Warn mankind, Qum fa Andhir. The Prophet Muhammad (swm) is by now tasked with three things, learn the Quran (Iqra), Arise (Qum) and Warn mankind (fa Andhir), these are the steps which would change the world forever. Humanity takes heed from this ground breaking revelation. The path of enlightenment and salvation is enshrined in these holy commands. These are the verses which lead to man’s realisation of a higher purpose in life. This life is not the end and we must know that there will be another life where all the wrongs will be judged and there must be some system of a just reward and punishment.

O thou wrapped up (in the mantle)! Arise and deliver thy warning! (TMQ 74: 1-2)

Allah swt has left a warning for the people who will engage in the work of studying and propagating the message of the Quran. Do not fool yourselves thinking that this is a favor to God and that He swt is in need of you or your work. Allah swt is free of all needs. The work of the Quran is something that must think about from a globalist viewpoint for all of mankind. The student and daee of the Holy Quran will do the Quranic dawah only for the sake of doing what is right for that will result in rescuing mankind from a sever chastisement, in this duniya and in the akhira. Furthermore, I understand from this verse that Allah swt tells the Quran learner not to make business out of it. The message of the Quran is for all mankind to save them through the enlightened process of ‘reading’ and ‘writing’. Such are the processes that should remain outside the commercial realm of ‘making money’ from intellectual concepts. This message is from Allah, the Creator, Al Khaaliq, and therefore none can claim monopoly over it, and as such there cant be a trading mentality of profitting from it. The religious clergy can draw from this warning from Allah Rabbil Alamin:

Nor expect, in giving, any increase (for thyself)! TMQ 74:6

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