Greatest Reformer with a Mission

Reading suras Alaq (ira bismi), Muzammil and Mudathir in combination provides a picture about “Mission Islam” of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (swm).


First 5 verses of surah Alaq:

Read in the name of your Lord Who created. Created man from a clot of congealed blood. Read, and your Lord is Most Generous. Who taught knowledge by the pen, taught man what he did not know.


The most basic thought for man is that he was created by the Creator, Allah. Man must use his brains for understanding that man did not create himself. This great universe did not come about by an accident. Surely, Allah created mankind and his universe. The path of enlightenment for mankind rests in this simple understanding which Allah swt makes clear through the Holy Quran.



First 7 verses of surah Mudathir:

O you who lies wrapped up, arise and warn and proclaim the greatness of your Lord. And keep your garments pure, and avoid filth, and do not favor (others) expecting to get more, and be patient for the sake of your Lord.


The mission receives the go ahead. The commands for the mission are:

1) Arise and warn mankind about the new Divine order,

2) spread the word to establish the divine system on earth for all mankind, 

3) be pure of heart and soul and elevate your spiritual awareness without forgetting your material needs,

4) do not turn this mission into a trade or a profession expecting for some material reward from it from people, and

5) keep struggling in the path establishing Allah swt’s divine order with determination and will power. 



First 8 verses of sura Muzammil:

O you who sleeps covered up, keep standing in Prayer at night but a little half the night, or lessen it a little, or add to it a little and recite the Qur’an calmly in a measured tone. Indeed, We are about to send down on you a weighty Word. In fact. the rising by night is most effective for controlling the self and most suitable for reciting the Qur’an well, for in the day time you have many an occupations. Remember the name of your Lord and devote yourself to Him exclusively.


The mission is a difficut task which requires a good training and deep levels of thoughts and emotions. How can the carriers of Mission Islam get to that stage where they can selflessly bring the Divine Order on earth is given in this surah. Firstly, make a sacrifice for the mission and for Allah swt. To forgo sleep in the last part of the night is a most difficultthing to do. Sacrificing that time when man’s subsoncious level is in harmony demands a mental and emotional strength of steel. One who can do it regularly will have trained his body and mind to humility and submission before Allah swt.


Secondly, praying tahajud at this time brings he mind to a level where it is most powerful to programe according to some belief. The mind can be programmed to function based on what a person holds as his belief system. Tahajud can be that tool for training, programming and directing the mind to do particular things in line with the belief system.


Thirdly, at tahajud the Quran is to be read and studied in slow, rhythmic tone which helps to grasp the meaning and the principle spirit of the Divine message.


The definitions of the words Muzammil and Mudathir in combination provides a glimpse into the mission of the Prophet Muhammad (swm). His (swm) mission was to take the leadership of the entire mankind. Like the leader of a caravan seated on a fast moving horse. The caravan follows that fearless, spotless, noble, brave character who is going to lead them all to the Divine Order of Allah swt.

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