Division here, unification there, whats the story

The recent flaring up of sectarian violence in Syria, Iraq and Turkey stands testament to the unworkable international boundaries drawn up after world war 1. The flash point currently is northern Syria where Turkish army is building up forces to crush the kurdish intrusion into its southern border. Another war front has been in operation in northern Iraq between Iraqi Kurds and Turkish south. Kurdistan itself is plit into two factions in Iraq.
Historically, before the effects of world war 1 Ottoman caliphate ruled over Syria, Iraq and Turkey under one super state with its capital in Istanbul. Kurds, Turks, Syrians and Iraqis lived under the unifying umbrella of the Ottoman sultanate where nation-state boundaries did not exist. World War 1 changed all that. Racism cam back to dovode people on grounds of ethnicity, language and religions. Of these, religion was used in a dangerous way to split people far apart, making their lives in this ‘duniya’ a living hell before begining the after life journey.
The drawing up of boundaries took place on political maps only after the Ottomans accepted defeat in the war. Artificial boundaries had to be drawn up on political maps which forced nations to differ on national interests giving birth to a great fitnah (oppression) called sectarianism. This fitnah is worse than actual war itself.
Two weeks ago Iraq’s main cities were litterred with body parts due to explosions which took over 82 innocent lives. This week is no different. Sunnis blame shias, kurds blame sunnis, Iraqis blame Syrians, Turks blame Iraqis and Syrians, and this game of maniacs goes on and on.
Syrian uprising is being met with heavy firepower from Assad’s criminals. The fight could very well spill over into Iraq and Turkey, making western intervention a ncessity to hold the security of western allies. Israel is not a silent spectator in this great game. They see the end of Hizbullah and Hamas linked to the fall of Assad. The risk lies in loosing Syria to the Muslim Brotherhood.
Maliki government of Iraq did not prove to be worse than Saddam for Israel’s security. Iraq could be the western model for a post Assad Syria rather than an Islamic regime as in Morsi’s Egypt. The loss of Iraqi Kurdistan came as a part of a post Saddam package for Iraq and for Syria northern Kurdistan could gain autonomy from central authority in a post Assad Syria.
This is an old game played out by new players. The game is called “divide and rule”. Sectarianism is only a tool to achieve the main objectives, which is to keep the former provinces divided and busy in fighting with each other. The unification of middle eastern countries is immediately discarded as something evil and unacceptable to the international community. The reaction is exactly the opposite for european union. Countries pump in billions of euros to save their member countries from falling out of the alliance. Western world wants unification for themselves but promotes division for “third world” countries. why?

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