Stop all sectarian splits and divisions

Ottoman caliphate ruled over Syria, Iraq and Turkey under one super state with its capital in Istanbul, for centuries. Before Ottomans, Abbasids, Umayads and Fatimids kept these lands united under the central islamic government. The sultanate was the umbrella for diversities where nation-state boundaries did not matter. Mankind in Islamic sense is but one community created by one Creator, Allah swt.
Two weeks ago Iraq’s main cities were litterred with body parts due to explosions which took over 82 innocent lives. This week saw 19 dead and counting. Sunnis blame shias, kurds blame sunnis, Iraqis blame Syrians, Turks blame Iraqis and Syrians, and this game of maniacs goes on and on.
Syrian uprising against the ruthless Baath regime is being met with heavy firepower from Assad’s criminals. It is feared that the Syrian fight spill over into Iraq and Turkey, making western intervention a necessity to hold regional security. Israel is not a silent spectator in this great game. They see the end of Hizbullah and Hamas linked to the fall of Assad. The risk for Israel lies in loosing Syria to the Muslim Brotherhood (as in Egypt) through democratic elections. Democratic process will likely hinder Israel’s plan for its Arab neighbours since the Muslim Brotherhood is the most politically organized opposition movement in the Arab world and it should be expected to gather majority votes in a free and fair election.
The price for regime change with foreign help for the moment is further division of lands on sectarian grounds. Iraqi Kurdistan’s near-independence came as a part of that post Saddam package for Iraq and for Syria northern Kurdistan could gain autonomy from central authority in Damascus. Most likely more independent states in that region will only increase their probability of in-fighting with foreign arms assistance. The desire to make sectarain conflicts central to the cause of disunity and division is strikingly opposite from the Ottomans and their predecessors. The goal for past rulers was unity, religious tolerance and security of life.
Israels’ most dreaded resistance fighters Hamas and Hizbullah have long been benefactors of Syrian assistance. Israel would want to see these two organizations leave the greater Syrian region (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine) for good. PLO was forced by Israel to quit its headquarters in Jordan after the massacre of bloody september. PLO’s relocation to Tunis reduced its armed strength and capability almost entirely. Israel would want to see a repeat act by pushing Hamas and Hizbullah out of the region. 
Since the war with Hizbullah in southern Lebanon in 2006 Israel has been on the offensive on Assad blaming his regime for Rafik Hariri’s assasination leading to the withdrawal of Syrian forces from Lebanon. Current uprising offers Israel another avenue to play with Syria’s future. The real fear amongst Syrians is if Israel manages to hijack the revolution they will once be stuck with a hypocritical double standard regime.
Assad al Bashar has played into the hands of his enemies by launching military strikes against the opposition. Did he have any other option? Probably not, dictators such as Assad and Ghaddafi remained in power only by the use of force against their people.  
Sectarianism is a result of division of lands. It is not a solution as wrongly proposed by western countries. The unification of middle eastern countries is discarded by the west as something evil and unacceptable to the international community. The reaction is exactly the opposite for the european union. Last year when Germany bailed out Greece from financial collapse. Now it is Spain’s turn to be bailed out. Germany is helping these countries with aid in order to save the alliance of the european countries. Western world wants unification for themselves but promotes division for “third world” countries.
Division of lands into a dozen countries fighting between themselves and often spiralling into yet more smaller states make them weaker and weaker. Do they not realize this?

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