Bani Israil’s story in short

The following is probably the most concise writeup on the story of Bani Israil I have read so far. The writer is anonymous but his writing will surely leave the reader admiring originality. I wish I could write with more originality and insight…


Abrahim had  two wife one is Hagar and Sarah. Sarah is  1st wife and the second is Hagar. From Sarah, Abrahim had Isacc (Ishaq) and from Hagar, Abarhim second wife he had Ismail.

Bani Israil who get a lot of delight, from God.  They  transfer to Egypt  while prophet Yusuf as had power at Egypt  . Prophet Yaakub as himself call as Israil with his sons and his great grandsons, but this idea was from his son Prophet Yusuf . Prohet Yusof as live at Egypt for  long period. They transfer to Egypt, from Ibnu Masud 93 people man and women.Then 400 year later the Bani Israil was around 670,000 peoples, and then God sent Prophet Musa  and Prophet Harun to them. While that time Egypt was control by Pharaoh. By that time Jews  are slave  to Pharaoh. The King of Egypt. Then God sent Prophet Mosses(Musa) and Prophet Harun to  help Jews to the promise land. The land  is Palestin. By that time Jews are leader by Prophet Mosses(Musa) and Prophet Harun., and then by Prophet Yusya’, and at the end the Jews become  power people at Juruselam, Palestina. The time Jews are famous also at Prophet Dawud and Prophet Soloman: the two Prophet Bani Israil that be a King. Then when the two Prophet King Bani Israil die, the Jews had be disoder, and the they had don’t follow the Taurat laws. Then the country be two country, Yahudi and Afraim. and there are a lot of oppression, illicit intercouse, sale the slave and etc. 

And then come god sorrow. They come their enemy. First come the people Pharaoh from Egypt, the Nikho and  then the Nebukadnesar (Bukhti-nashar) from Babil(Babilon). Bani Israil country had oblish and Batulmuqqadis  that build by Prohet Soloman(Sulaiman)  also had oblish.  Over then 10,000  Jews people  are captive  by Nebukadnesar  and bring them to Babil.

After 100 years the Babil destory by Korusy, Persia King that call Cyrus. And then the Bani Israil that had captive at Babil had went home Jerusalam and had build their Country and Batulmuqqadis.

Under leader by Prophet ‘Uzair  at 5  B.C , the Bani Israil be strong again. But they are not strong before. They only control by other Country.

First by Persia, then by Iskandar Makhedonia (3 B.C). And they are captive by Romawi and follow Romawi laws. At that time God sent Prophet  Jesus Al-Masih to them, but the Jews dont want’to follow the Prophet Jesus and  they want to kill Prophet Jesus.

The Bani Israils are teach and explain about the doctrine of the unity of God. The Bani Israil agree that they must obey God. They must follow God that from great grandfather that Abarhim,Ishaq, and Jaccob. But one time they are worship ijl” that a golden Cow that made by Samiry, and prophet Moses anger to them. The prophet Dawud also not agree with them, when they do  wrong things. And Prophet Ilyas remember them about they had worship the an idol. They also not follow god laws and made many mistakes.. When God sent Prophet Jesus and tell them to follow the real Taurat Laws. They don’t want to follow. When Prophet Jesus came to Batumuqaddis he are anger to them, when the holy place they dirty  and made like market.

Al-Isra 17:4 And we gave(clear) warning to the Children of Israel in the Book, that twice would they do mischief on the earth and be elated with mighty arrogance (and twice would they be punished)!

The Bani Israil had make to mistake one when their Great Prophet King die, like Dawud and Soloman. The second they  kill the Prophet like Prophet Zakaria  and also they want to kill Prophet Jesus. 

Al-Isra 17:5 When the first of the warning came to pass, we sent against you our servents given to terrible warfare: They entered the very inmost parts of your homes; and it was a warning (completely) fulfilled.

The big mistake that make by Bani Israils is a workship an idol. raja Yahuda try to to unite the Bani Israils to God. But an idol had been distroyed.And  the Pharaoh Nikho King Of Egypt had attack the Juruselam. And the Yahuda try to fight and attack the Pharaoh Nikho, King Of Egypt, but they loss.

And for a year Nabukadnesar had attack Pharaoh Nikho, King Of Egypt  and  Nebukadnesar win, and take the Juruselam from Egypt. The Yusyia try to make secret  relation with Egypt for fight Nabukadnesar, but the Nabukadnesar had know about the secret relation, and attack the Juruselam. King Yahuda that Yoakhim and with 10,000 people had been captive and brought the the Bani Israil to Babil(Iraq).

Because Nabukadnesar jealous to Sidka because he substitute Yakhim, Nebukadnesar come to to Juruselam for the thirth time, he distoryed  the country and Haikal the holy house Prophet Sulaiman he distoryed. Nebukadnesar kill all Sidkia sons and many thousand the captive he bring to Babil. And all things that for religion  pray that made from gold and silver had been taken to babil. From that time the Juruselam had been distoryed. (597-586 b.c).

100 years later, Babil had been attack by Persia under King Of Korusy(Cyurs). On that time Nabukadnesar had die. Babil had fall and all the Jews at at Babil are allowed to returned to Palastina and build their country, that time, they are protec by Persia. Bani Israil build their country. Their Holy House they bulid again.(520b.c). Until come Prophet Uzair(‘Izra) be their leader(444 b.c), because that reason Prophet Uzair(Izra)  they call The bulider of Bani Israil. In 334 b.c Alexzerder The Great from Mekodeniah had enter the Juruselam.

Thus the god slaves are continu come an attack the Palastine, from Pharaoh  Nikkho from Egypt, Nebukadnesar from Babil, Cyrus from Persia and Alexzerder The Great from Mekodoniah. After that the Rome had take over that country.

Then God sent Prophet Jesus, in that time Palastine are under the Rome, The Jews are leader by  Kahin Agung Kafayas, but they are control by  Rome. 

Then that  is the first distoryed they made on the earth…

Al-Isra’ 17:6 Then did we grant you the return as against them. We gave you increase in reasources  and sons, and made you the more numerous in manpower.

Then God give they return to their country at Persia time,  when Persia had attack the Babil. Their leader are Prophet that Prophet Uzair help them to build their country. In that time, the Taurat they collect and made  book and add with their great grandsons. And in that time god warning to them, about all the experience that they remember and learn. The God warning them and said as this:-

Al-Isra’17:7 If ye did well, ye did well for yourselves, if ye did evil, (ye did it) against yourselves. So  when the second of the warning came to pass, (We Permitted your Temple as thay had entered it before, and to visit with destruction all that fell into their power.

This promise from god to them. But  their promies with god they dont follow: Taurat they dont follow, The prophet they kill, and they did many mistake.

With God power, god pregnant Maryam bt Imran, but they said Maryam  is illicit intercourse and Jesus is son of illicit intercourse because he was born without father. But Zakaria is apostle of God and leader at Batumuqqadis tell them the true thing about Maryam, they don’t believe.

Then God sent Jesus as Apostle to them, but they slander Jesus. But god help Jesus from crucifixion. Then the Romawi Crucifixion the Yudas Eskharinti. Then Bani Israil Are really said that Jesus are die. But God said dont. (Reffer Koran Nissa Juz 6 – 4:155,156,157,158).

This two time distroyed about Bani Israil. What about Jesus follower? Because they don’t believe that god help Jesus and they love him. They said that Jesus is God or son of God. But actually Jesus had safe  by god.  Then One of the Jews people calim that,  Jesus  had give him autoriti to be the Apostle. His name is Paulus.  Paulus teach  a difference  from Jesus. And Paulus said that he teach a real what  Jesus want. Frist father is god. Son is Jesus and Rahul Qudus.

After few year Rome, who control the Juruselam had accept paulus teaching.. This teaching call Kristian. From this, Juruselam was under Rome-nasarani. And this time the Jews  had be repress, to pursue and etc. Then Bani Israil had go out from Batumuqqadis and go to Mesir, Spain,India and etc. But half of them go Arab Country, at Khaibar, at Yastrib (Madinah), they from Bani Nadir, Bani Qainuqa” , Bani Quraizah. But help from God  with them, this because in taurat and other Prophet Book are told about the last Prophet will born. They call this Prophet “Messias. About this prophet they told to Arabs people at Yastrib (Madinah). But the Prophet  are not born from Bani Israil, but the Prophet are born from Bani Ismail that is Muhammad Pbuh.

And the Arabs when  hear the story about the Prophet Muhammad Pbuh, they come to  Mekah to meet him and they believe…. Then Prophet Muhammad Pbuh go and live at Madinah .

Al-Isra 17:8 It may be that Lord may (yet) show Mercy unto you; but if ye revert (to your sins), We shall revert (to Our Punishments). And we have made hell a prison for those who reject (all Faith).


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