They had only one mission

ALL the believers of God acknowledge that this universe was created by HIM swt. Then they must also understand that from the first day of creation everything in this universe worshipped only the Most Powerful God, who cant have any superior force above HIM.

Mankind’s core values have always been the same since day 1. They can’t be segregated on race, language or ethnicity. But many different races, cultures, languages and customs do exist in this world. God created the universe with all these diversities. But HE gave His creations few basics with which they can protect themselves and their future generations.

Since the creation of mankind through Adam (as) all human beings have been in search of ways and means to protect those great human values from annihilation by other forces. Nuh (as) was the first prophet to mankind borne through the process of human procreation who initiated the family tree of righteousness on earth.

We are told in the Holy Quran that we can not make any distinction between the prophets. And that’s because they all came with the same message, that mankind must obey God and follow His given way of life. Prophets brought the true concept of God for humanity, to obey Him (swt) and to follow His (swt) commandments.

Is there any link between prophet Nuh (as) and the Last Messenger of Allah (swt)?

Lets see the commands from the Quran in suras 17 (bani Israil) and chapter 60 (Mumtahanah) and compare them with the seven universal laws of prophet Noah (as):

  Bani Israil (17:22-36) Surah Mumtahanah (60:12) Nuh AS’s seven laws
1 No Shirk No barrier for freedom of Belief 1.Do not murder.
2 Kindness to parents and relatives No shirk 2.Do not steal.
3 No infanticide or abortion No stealing 3.Do not worship false gods.
4 No adultery No adultery 4.Do not be sexually immoral.
5 No murder No murder, infanticide 5.Do not eat a limb removed from a live animal.
6 Look after orphans, No stealing No slander, falsehood, lies, blasphemy 6.Do not curse God.
7 Be just, honest, No lies, No corruption No injustice 7.Set up courts and do justice.

It would appeal to a learner of civilizations that above basic codes remain the bed rock of mankind since the day of creation. These constitute the “basic universal values” for any society to enter the fold of civilization. The Noahdic laws are strikingly similar to the final revealed laws to Prophet Muhammad sallillahu alihi wa sallam. That is because all prophets had the same mission, the mission of God.

Peace and salutations to Noah among the nations (TMQ 37:79)

Allah and His angels send blessings on the Prophet: O ye that believe! Send ye blessings on him, and salute him with all respect. (TMQ 33:56)

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