Oggy and the Cockroaches of the real world

Shias are held responsible for the civil war in Syria. Sunni regimes are blamed for killings in Bahrain. Beneficiaries of sectarian violence definitely can’t be sunnis or shiis, neither Syrians nor Bahrainis. Then who benefits from this mindless slaughter? Do ordinary people give a damn about differences between politicians’ egos, who one thousand years ago instigated massive bloodshed of poor people? I don’t think ordinary people with families give a crap about any of this.

Here is a look into how hate preachers stir up sectarian and racist controversies so that their masters (tribal rulers and external powers) can benefit. And yes ofcourse, the preacher-man has his convenient way of sanctifying his lies by giving his speech a religious color.


Yasser al Habib:

Yasser al-Habib is originally from Kuwait. He was born in 1979 in Kuwait and migrated to England in December 2004. He was arrested in November 2003 to one year’s imprisonment by the Kuwaiti government on charges of cursing Abu Bakr, Umar and Aisha; in connection with an audiotape recording of a private closed lecture.

In February 2004 he was released under an annual pardon announced by the Amir of Kuwait on the occasion of the country’s National Day, but his rearrest was ordered a few days later. Sheikh al-Habib had then fled Kuwait before he was sentenced in absentia to 10 years’ imprisonment.

In September 2010 Sheikh Yasser al-Habib angered the Sunni Muslims by calling Prophet Muhammad’s wife Aisha, “an enemy of God” which led Kuwait to revoke his citizenship accusing him of trying to stir up discord among Muslims ..

In October 2010 Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei tried to calm tensions between Shias and Sunnis by issuing a fatwa against insulting Prophet’s companions and wives.[5]

His contribution nowadays is in Iraq. His speech helps to further divide shiis and sunnis on sectarian lines. This hate monger is used as a pinup boy by extremists as he ‘stands up for shias against sunnis’. How does he ‘stand’ up for anyone when his speech sends poor families to their graves? A divided Iraq will benefit neither shiis nor sunnis, but obviously another group will benefit from it. Yasser al Habib gets his TV slots to do his hate preaching and for showing rest of the world how low muslims have fallen. He is saying to the world ‘come and take over because we cant rule ourselves’.


Adnan Al Aroor

Adnan Mohammed al-Aroor a cleric from Hama, Syria. Al-Aroor appears regularly on TV stations in Syria, including the widely watched satellite channel al-Safa, where he is known for his programs criticizing non-Sunni Islamic minorities fighting with the government. He became widely known and promoted after the start of the Syrian civil war and was seen by some as the non-official face of the anti-government movement in Syria. He favors arming the opposition and a foreign military intervention. He gets media coverage in pro western TV channels making the case of western invasion more and more acceptable to the sunni ummah for the protection of ‘sunnis from shia dominance’. Like his shiite partner Yasser al-Habib this hate preacher Adnan al Aroor also gets his slots in the TV stations to do his bit for his masters.


Both of these characters are like two sides of the same coin. Sunnis and shias are being lead into a bloody murderous game like sheep being lead to a slaughter house. The hate preachers with their message of God and religion are leading muslims into a dark alley where evil is waiting for them. These clerics are neither sunnis nor shias, they are simply evil. Their intention is not peace and reconciliation between brothers, they wish not for unity, they don’t care about muslims’ lands, all they care about is their narrow self interest. These are preachers from hell.


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