Sick of this materialistic world?

If you are feeling really sick of this cut throat materialistic world then dont feel lonely. Every other corporate employee feels it when they take a look at their busy lives. Especially for those stuck in the world of financial services. Bankers’ professional lives are surrounded by the concept of money all around them. There is no escaping from being brain washed into believing that money is all that matters in life. Every event, occurence or assumption has to be linked to a monetary benefit, or the effort is worthless.
Corporatized society of the developed world has swept over the urban cultures of many developing countries in Asia as well. This new culture of ‘make money be happy’ is being promoted without any reservations for the decrease in social values.
For example, the trend is now to live in smaller flats instead of large houses. Thats because land prices sky rocketed so high that its now impossible for a single family to own property anymore. The result – family bondness is shrinking. Whats wrong with that?
Family bonding is being replaced by another form of bonding. Lot of families will work extra hours to provide the best for their children. They go out of their way to make children happy. They think they can do this is by buying them ‘stuff’. Probably they assume that more expensive ‘stuff’ is directly proportional to the level of childrens’ happiness. While parents continuously try to make kids happy they also know in their hearts that something is something.
Missing is the lack of ‘belongingness’, that missing ‘childhood’ experience of playing games, going out, having fun and being kids with lots of other kids. Parents try to compensate for that missing childhood by ipads and wii.
The affect of corporatizing our society has fundamentally changed the way we viewed our lives. Before, we were part of a social fabric, sharing our moments of joy, sadness, likes, dislikes, achievements and struggles. That was before franchises, retail chains, superstores and mega shops took over our little towns. Now, we dont think about setting up a small business in the city. We think about getting a job at Walmart or Tesco.
We managed to replace our old bonds with new ones. We are taught to be loyal to the corporation, the employer, the provider of the good things in life, they say. We are connected nowadays through professional clubs, country clubs, sports clubs, networking clubs and so many others whose primary interest is to advance the self to win the race. We are creating an increasingly individualistic society where material comfort, wealth perceptions and satisfaction of desires play gods.
How does this fit into our belief system?

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