An ordinary man with a heart

I’m only an ordinary man with a family
How can I judge what is in another persons’ heart
How can anyone judge the faith in my heart
The secrets of the heart are better left to Allah SWT only

Neither the Quran permits bloodshed
nor did the Prophet Muhammad swm sanction it
Sects are the products of rulers, politicians and the religious establishment
Common people are its sad victims

Syrians justify their killings in Damascus and Aleppo
just as Saudis justify theirs in Bahrain and Yemen
They find no shortage of evidences from the clergy on either side
But I’m only an average ordinary man

Death to sectarian politics


Sunni, shia, alawite, druze, shafi, hanbali, hanafi, wahabbi, and the list goes on and on. Is that really how normal people see each other through the lens of separation? Before engaging with each other people dont search for sectarian identification cards as in a security check point. Families, all over the world, keep themselves occupied with family affairs. They are least bothered about tiny details for which some lunatics are ready to spill blood.

Why then are muslims being constantly provided with gallons of those very sectarian medicines which keep people at others throats?

The sectarian card is a political tool similar to the atomic weapons. The poison from it infiltrates into nations like a chain reaction from a radioactive explosion. The scars from the sectarian blast carries on through the DNA of a nation until it is humiliated in the world stage as a nation desperate for outside help.

Such is the case now in the Middlea East. Iraq is torn into 3 bloody horror pieces along the sectarian fault lines between sunni, shia and kurdish populations. Syria’s Assad is using the concept of sunni threat to keep the shiite alawites under his control while he butchers the freedom fighters.

For long, few tribal monarchs sold the Iran revolution as a “shia” threat to take over their lands especially where the shias make up a considerable portion of the population. Sheikhdoms being incapable of defending their royal houses from a popular revolt resorted to the tool most favored by despots, foreign help.

The western backing for petty tribal heads is headed for another major disaster. The useless and expired milk products need to go. Time has arrived for fresh produce. Thanks to the revolutions in the Maghreb and Yemen young Arabs are rediscovering their traditional obsession with fierce independence and liberty of thought. Two concepts which are forcefully denied to them by the tribal monarchs.

Article below throws light on the changing balance in the equations of Middle East politics and Political Islam.

From Crescent Online:
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s opposition to the US proposal made through Qatar at the UN, to militarily intervene in Syria using Arab proxy forces is the beginning of a new political era in the Middle East.

On September 25 the British installed monarch of Qatar called for an Arab-led intervention in Syria. Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani told the 193-member General Assembly that he wants Arab nations to act in unanimity and intervene in Syria as they did in the 15-year civil war in Lebanon. No surprise here that the Qatari tribal chief never made such a request to liberate Palestinians from the clutches of Israeli apartheid.

Hamad’s bid to do the dirty work to secure Israeli and US interests in Syria was immediately rejected by the newly elected President of Egypt. In an interview with PBS television’s Charlie Rose ahead of his much anticipated speech in the UN General Assembly, President Morsi said he is “against foreign intervention by force in what happens in Syria, I do not condone this and I think that it is a big mistake if it happens, Egypt does not agree to this.” Morsi said that the Contact Group comprising Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey could help end the 18-month conflict in Syria.

Egypt’s opposition to foreign military intervention in Syria and US inability to intervene directly due to its declining military and economic power has left primitive regimes in the Arabian Peninsula politically and militarily exposed, vulnerable and isolated.

Egypt’s emergence as a counterweight to US-backed despotic regimes in the Arabian Peninsula is likely to help decrease sectarianism in the Muslim Ummah. Even if Egypt ends up opposing the Saudi-Israeli-US axis purely for nationalist reasons and on ad-hoc basis, the overall effect in extinguishing the fires of sectarianism in the Muslim Ummah would be positive.

Since Egyptians follow Sunni jurisprudence, this will disarm the US and Israeli sectarian card used through the Saudi tribe. Even though Iran, Turkey and Egypt have different views on the outcome in Syria, they may compromise in order to neutralize the bigger problem coming from the sectarian Saudi proxy regime.

It cannot be ruled out that if Egypt and Turkey were to agree to the elimination of the illegitimate rule of al-Saud, Islamic Iran and the current Syrian government will make strategic compromises in Syria. Both Ankara and Cairo have to make clear through action that they are willing to help rid the Ummah of Saudi fitna.

It remains to be seen if the Islamic leadership worldwide will seize this unique opportunity to strike a strategic alliance and eliminate the main problem of the Muslim Ummah, the British installed al-Saud family that is now in open alliance with imperialism and Zionists against the interests of Muslims.

Not even the prick of a thorn – Khubayb ibn Abiy

After his capture by some mushrikeens during a raid Khubayb was bought by the sons of Haarith to be killed in revenge of their father who was killed when he attacked the Muslims in Badr.

Khubayb was kept imprisoned in the Haarith family home. Just about a day or less before he was to be killed, he decided to shave and clean up to meet his Lord, Allaah SWT, in a clean form. For that purpose, he requested his captors to provide him a razor, which they did. When he had an open, sharp razor in his hand, the captor’s young son went to Khubayb and started playing with him. Lovingly, Khubayb picked him and put him in his lap. When the lady of the house saw her son sitting on the lap of the prisoner, Khubayb, with an open sharp razor in his hand. She got worried, terrified and distressed.

An ordinary person would have used this opportunity to use the child as hostage to gain his freedom. He could have easily justified to exchange the child for freedom because of all the deceit and cheating through which he was captured. No fair non-Muslim would have blamed him for doing that. But Khubayb was not an ordinary person. He was a sincere Muslim. He did not want to use an innocent child to gain his freedom from the vicious people of the child’s family and society. He knew that his faith, Islam, and his leader Prophet Muhammad Sall-Allaahu ‘Alayhi Wa Sallam has taught kindness to women and children and that they would not allow him such an act. So he did not. He assured the woman to be calm and told her that Islam does not allow him to harm a child for any purpose. So he calmly handed over the child to the lady.

Soon after, Khubayb was taken in shackles to the place that was announced for his killing. A huge crowd had gathered to watch the terrorism against an innocent man. Khubayb’s composure and patience was astounding. He requested the captors to allow him to pray two Raka’at to his Lord before dying, which they did allow. He offered his prayer to Allaah SWT calmly and devotedly but did not prolong it. You can imagine the sweetness of the devotion and the contentment which would have ensued from that loving communication that took place in the last prayer from Khubayb’s heart to his Lord, just before meeting his Lord. Who would ever want to get out of that close communion with Allaah SWT! But Khubayb made it short so that the persecutors might not assume that the prayer was being prolonged to delay death. And he made this fact known to them after he finished his prayer.

Khubayb was tied to a tree /wooden cross. 40 lancers were surrounding him with their shining, sharp spears. A person offered him freedom if he would renounce Islam. Khubayb told them that a life without Islam is not worth living. At this, all 40 spears were poked in his body to torture him but not deep enough to kill him. The crowd was clapping. Even in those excruciating moments, he recited an extempore poem which included stanzas to the effect:

They want me to get freedom by renouncing Islam, while dying is easier for me than disbelieving. Tears are flooding my eyes but I am not going to complain or be impatient. I am not going to cry or to show weakness to the enemies because I am departing to God. When I am dying for Islam, I do not care how I fall dead. I hope God will bless each piece of my flesh and limb of my body being cut out.

Aboo Sufyaan remarked, “Would you not wish that Muhammad be here in your place, while you attain freedom’.
Khubayb responded,By God, I do not like even to see a thorn prick Muhammad Sall-Allaahu ‘Alayhi Wa Sallam while I am safe and secure in my family.”
At this response, his limbs were dismembered and he was tortured to death.

Grandma saves the day (by my 9 year old son)

One sunny morning, I was playing outside and my grandma came and took me to her car. It was a black Mercedes that had a silver horse statue in front of it. I asked her ‘where are we going grandma?’ She said ‘we are going to the park’! Then I shouted ‘Yipeeeeee’ and when we arrived there we saw that the park was empty. I ran into the park and sat on a swing then suddenly a man ran towards me and took me on his back and ran to an old cave. He tied me with a log. Beside me there were more children tied. Suddenly an old lady in a black car rushed into the cave. The old lady took her walking cane and started to beat that man. That old lady hit that man’s nose so hard that he fell unconscious. She freed us all and she gave all of us ice-cream. That old lady was none other than my grandmother. Then everyone shouted loudly ‘grandma saved the day’. After this day my grandma was known as Ultra Grandma, she became the most famous grandmother in our community. I love my grandma and she is the best grandmother in the whole wide world.

Wife of Pharaoh an icon of courage

For some people these are bad times. A time to remain quiet and away from dangers fearing being “marked” by the establishment. The fear factor works so well that it can make an elephant believe it is in the body of an ant.
For others this is the best time. A time to stand up when others are hiding. They burn like a candle in the eye of the storm. No amount of darkness can stop them from “doing what is right”.
Shaitan has a tricky way to fool the believers. He knows a believer will never go against his religion. So now, shaitan tells the believer “do not to say anything for or against anything regarding the Deen”. Believers on the other hand find the established clergy advising them to distance themselves from worldly matters, which is another clever way to admit defeat to shaitan.
In the face of all this injustice what are we to do?
Remember brothers the story of Aasiya wife of firaun.
She believed in Allah swt and she believed in Nabi Musa (AS) as a prophet of Allah swt. Firaun threatened to kill her if she didnt change her position on Allah swt and His Prophet AS.
For Aasiaya (ra) declaring what was in her heart carried the reward of death by a rock. She however could not be forced into humiliation by using the fear factor. How could she hide what she believed in her heart. And in her heart she believed in God and His Prophet. If that meant death then be it.
So it was decided. Firaun would make an example of Aasia (ra), his own wife. She was to be killed by a falling rock from the palace top.
Shaitan could not enter the fearless light of Aasiya. They threw the rock. Just seconds before her martyrdom angel Gibreel (as) appeared before her. He told her to ask for anything. Allah would grant whatever she would ask for. This is what she asked for:
“….idh qalat Rabbi Ibnili Endaka baitan fil Jannati wa najjini firauna wa amalihi wa najjini min al qaumi-d dhalimin.
……. when she said, “My Lord, build for me near You a house in Paradise and save me from Pharaoh and his deeds and save me from the wrongdoing people.”
TMQ surah at Tahrim. 66:11
We love Allah swt and His Prophet (swm). Is that why we should hide our faith?