Wake up, you

What do these politicians think we are? Bunch of rubbish piled outside their palaces. Is that how they think of us. Wasted, good-for-nothing beggars, suitable for being tossed around as per their wish. They throw bones at us to feed us whereas we are the real land owners!!
They turned our nation into a global image of corruption, robbery, bank theft, injustice, disappearances, instabilities, bad governance, and the list can go on for ever. But, look at the people.
They are going on happily with their lives as if nothing happened. People are pretending to have honor as equal human beings when actually they are worse than animals in the eyes of the world. Such people are sleeping a darn bloody long sleep. No alarm bells are working on them anymore. Somebody gave us a very very powerful dose of sleeping pills so strong that we are loosing our arms, legs and ears in our sleep without realization or reaction. 
We will earn the honor of being “worse than animals” forever unless we can get up from this nonsense sleep.
You may ask, whats wrong with being an animal if that can ensure our survival? The wrong thing is that animals (dogs, cats, rats) will not be accountable for living like animals. But we are not animals. We will be held accountable for trying to live like animals while the Creator Allaah swt created us as something else.
Is anyone awake?

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