Dear Pastor Terry Jones, How about burn yourself instead of the Qur’an?

Air Squadron

My understanding, there is not much different between racism and religious intolerance. Both promoting hatred. As a muslim, who educated in Islamic school , I’m too aware about the similarity that shared by our brothers and sisters in Christians, Jews and Muslims. Our true message is always got to do with peace, unity and believe in Oneness of God.

We’ve been taught to love our neighbor, regardless the skin color, culture and beliefs. Hence, as an individual who uphold the peaceful message globally, it’s ethically right to put an end to any intolerance movement that cause tensions, that might cause wars.

Some of those so-called the representer of my religion on hatred basis, doesn’t reflect the true teaching of Islam as their claims.

Those people do not speak for me, for you, and for us. You just need to be super stupid to completely agree such act.. Ironically, all these…

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