Dont stop dreaming, the only weapon you may ever have

Freedom to believe, to practice my faith, to live with honor is as fundamental to me as my right to citizenship. I am neither an alien in this land nor am I a criminal. I was born here, I live here and my roots are here in this land.


I am not a slave of any man or any party. Yet I know currently there exists in my society a fear factor.


This fear has worked like a charm to stop me from sharing my dreams. I had the priceless gift from Allah swt Rabbil Alamin to dream of a better society, a better country, just rulers and happy people. I am told those dreams are off limits nowadays.


Do we commoners desire for wealth by corruption, do we desire for grabbing land, or cabinet power? No. So what drives us?


Look around you brothers. It is your dream for a better future for yourself your children and your familiy members which makes you work harder day after day at office.


Its your dream for quality education for your children that makes you search for a good school.


It is your dream to live a life of “SAFETY and SECURITY” that makes you struggle against odds.


What will happen if you loose your dreams? You will have nothing.


And what will happen if you do keep dreaming? One day you may reach your goal, iA.

One step further, you know families dream of a common future, so imagine how would it be if our society could dream of a common future as well.


Our dreams are all that we have. Our dreams stand strong as lethal weapons against the army of greedy, corrupt, shaitans.


This is the reason why the satanic followers tell us not to dream. For if we dream about our shared values we might just end up living our dream.


Dont stop dreaming brothers. Dream BIG, dream like a falcon, you were created a free man, free to dream.


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