Syrian uprising, where is it headed…

The Free Syrian Army (FSA) according to the pro Iran-Russia-China block claim that the western countries are slowly begining to see Syria as a mission failed and hence they are withdrawing their support. I dont buy that completely. But it does make sense from an international perspective. Reason why its doubtful is because Turkey could have controlled the situation better by having FSA under their monitor. This could have also helped the Turkish forces to identify the Kurdish rebels through the FSA.

The relocation could be the end of the resistance. Arms and ammunition supply routes will most likely be snapped by Assad loyalists. Foreign intervention in Syria will hardly be likely. This leads to another conclusion. Syrians will need help to unseat Assad. Can Egypt rise up to the challenge? In my opinion this would be the real armed jihad for muslims when Egyptian soldiers cross the Sinai to answer the call of an oppressed nation living under a cruel regime.

Below is an article from Crescent online:

Ankara may soften its position on Syria within the framework of the Egyptian proposed Syria Contact Group.

Toronto, Crescent-online
September 22, 2012, 15:40 EST

The announcement by the US-proxy force, The Free Syrian Army (FSA) about relocating its leadership to Syria from Turkey is a sign of political abandonment by its foreign patrons.

On September 22, Riad al-Assad, head of one of the US sponsored proxy forces announced that his armed group is moving out of Turkey into Syria. It is important to note that when making the announcement Riad al-Assad said when the FSA was not based in Syria, it was under strong political pressure from outside forces. It indicates that relations between the FSA and its foreign sponsors are not so smooth.

One would have expected this move to be marketed by the Western media and Al Jazeera, the tribal-owned Qatari news channel, as a “military” achievement. However, divisions among foreign proxy forces are so deep that their foreign sponsors did not even attempt to present the relocation as an achievement.

Instead, Al-Jazeera downplayed Riad al-Assad’s announcement by constantly underlining the fact that the FSA, just like other armed groups, is disorganized. What this indicates is that foreign backers of the US proxy-war in Syria are slowly realizing that victory in Syria is a forlorn quest.

It is now clear that militarily Syrian government forces have the upper hand in the conflict. The Syrian security establishment has showed that it is capable of absorbing losses. Damascus has also demonstrated a capacity to withstand intense foreign interference in its internal affairs.

At the strategic level, relocation of the FSA leadership to Syria will benefit the Syrian government. The FSA command structure will come within its reach. In the future if the FSA decides for some reason to move back to Turkey or any other country, such relocation will be viewed as a retreat. This will further undermine the morale of the US proxy forces in Syria.

The Turkish ruling party AKP’s US designed policy on Syria has created tensions within Turkey between the Alawite community and Syrian refugees. Also, escalating causalities inflicted by the PKK on the Turkish army over the past several weeks due to Syrian backing is exposing the AKP’s position on Syria as strategically unsustainable.

In light of this, it cannot be ruled out that Ankara may soften its position on Syria within the framework of the Egyptian proposed Syria Contact Group. Perhaps relocation of the FSA is a first sign that Turkey is slowly willing to move away from the US agenda on Syria.

Meanwhile credible opposition forces in Syria held a meeting in Damascus. Hassan Abdul-Azim, member of the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change in Syria openly called for the resignation of President Bashar al-Asad during the meeting. This event indicates that Asad is open to serious negotiations.

The ongoing conflict and open political process in Syria make it difficult to predict the outcome of the US proxy war. However, it is clear that even if the Asad government falls, the Islamic resistance front will not allow the US and its proxies to establish themselves easily in Syria to secure Zionist interests.


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