Wife of Pharaoh an icon of courage

For some people these are bad times. A time to remain quiet and away from dangers fearing being “marked” by the establishment. The fear factor works so well that it can make an elephant believe it is in the body of an ant.
For others this is the best time. A time to stand up when others are hiding. They burn like a candle in the eye of the storm. No amount of darkness can stop them from “doing what is right”.
Shaitan has a tricky way to fool the believers. He knows a believer will never go against his religion. So now, shaitan tells the believer “do not to say anything for or against anything regarding the Deen”. Believers on the other hand find the established clergy advising them to distance themselves from worldly matters, which is another clever way to admit defeat to shaitan.
In the face of all this injustice what are we to do?
Remember brothers the story of Aasiya wife of firaun.
She believed in Allah swt and she believed in Nabi Musa (AS) as a prophet of Allah swt. Firaun threatened to kill her if she didnt change her position on Allah swt and His Prophet AS.
For Aasiaya (ra) declaring what was in her heart carried the reward of death by a rock. She however could not be forced into humiliation by using the fear factor. How could she hide what she believed in her heart. And in her heart she believed in God and His Prophet. If that meant death then be it.
So it was decided. Firaun would make an example of Aasia (ra), his own wife. She was to be killed by a falling rock from the palace top.
Shaitan could not enter the fearless light of Aasiya. They threw the rock. Just seconds before her martyrdom angel Gibreel (as) appeared before her. He told her to ask for anything. Allah would grant whatever she would ask for. This is what she asked for:
“….idh qalat Rabbi Ibnili Endaka baitan fil Jannati wa najjini firauna wa amalihi wa najjini min al qaumi-d dhalimin.
……. when she said, “My Lord, build for me near You a house in Paradise and save me from Pharaoh and his deeds and save me from the wrongdoing people.”
TMQ surah at Tahrim. 66:11
We love Allah swt and His Prophet (swm). Is that why we should hide our faith?

2 thoughts on “Wife of Pharaoh an icon of courage

  1. TAKBIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALLAHUAKBAR !!!!!!!!!!! It is time to stand for our belief. This is the age of the Goldrush, the goldrush for Hassanat and Ajr. The reward for speaking out against Evil and speaking up for OUR BELOVED DEEN, OUR BELOVED RASUL ALLAH SALLALLAHU ALAIHI WALIHI WA SALAM AND OFF COURSE OUR ONE, AHAD, ALLAH subhana wa ta ala, is so high , is so much in this time of widespread evil that we will be more than satisfied on the day of Reckoning, insha ALLAH . So come on brothers and sisters in Islam, let us love each other for the sake of ALLAH and let us never remain silent. We have been taught by the greatest of ALLAH’s creation our beloved Muhammad Blessings and Peace be upon him to speak the truth, no matter how bitter.

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