Grandma saves the day (by my 9 year old son)

One sunny morning, I was playing outside and my grandma came and took me to her car. It was a black Mercedes that had a silver horse statue in front of it. I asked her ‘where are we going grandma?’ She said ‘we are going to the park’! Then I shouted ‘Yipeeeeee’ and when we arrived there we saw that the park was empty. I ran into the park and sat on a swing then suddenly a man ran towards me and took me on his back and ran to an old cave. He tied me with a log. Beside me there were more children tied. Suddenly an old lady in a black car rushed into the cave. The old lady took her walking cane and started to beat that man. That old lady hit that man’s nose so hard that he fell unconscious. She freed us all and she gave all of us ice-cream. That old lady was none other than my grandmother. Then everyone shouted loudly ‘grandma saved the day’. After this day my grandma was known as Ultra Grandma, she became the most famous grandmother in our community. I love my grandma and she is the best grandmother in the whole wide world.


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