Iran and Syria (whats the story)

What do the pro western Iranians think about Iran-Syria relation?

I am still trying to figure out why would Iran risks its position by sticking out for Syria? Israel is not a direct threat to the Iranian Republic and Iran does not have any border issues with the jewish state. Why then would Israel rank high in Iran’s diplomatic relationships with other countries?

I find it less likely that Iranians are willing to be bombed like Iraq and Afghanistan for an anti-Israeli stand. It cant be cheap election politics either since the Ayatollahs are leading the anti Israeli circle in Iran.

Assad’s army could be a bulwark against Israeli offensive dreams on Iran. A pro Islamic government in Syria would have been a more favorable ally for Iran than a secular Baathist in Damascus. Does Iran suspect that a sunni government in Syria could go with other sunni regimes in the region most notably the Gulf states and reduce Iran’s regional weight.

The Syria factor for Iran looks more complicated than I thought. It goes bit deeper than anti Israeli or anti Saudi strategy for Iran’s highly pragmatic politicians. Maybe Iran has other ambitions beyond Israel.

Iran and Syria | The Iran Primer.


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