Why Turkey and Syria are Heading toward War

Turkey does not want war with Syria. Thats too bad I think. Turkey is already at war with Syria. The fact is until now Turkey’s power and position of influence in the middle east was purposely under valued by Arabs and Turks both. Arab sheikhs would like to believe that Turkey is far away from being a shadow of its former superpower status.

On the other hand Turkey has tried very hard to project itself as a pluralistic society based on Islamic roots and civilization. This ofcourse is to convince its Arab muslim counterparts that they will not be conquered by the powerful Turkish army, which is second only to the US in NATO.

Syrian uprising has thrown that srategy of Turkish soft power into a spin. Two of the three most powerful countries in the middle east are Turkey and Iran will be playing crucial roles in drawing the new political map of the middle east.

Just as Iran is most influential in Bashar Assad’s regime so is Turkey with the majority Syrians for supporting the revolution against Bashar. Syria shelled its northern border area where revolutionaries are headquartered and suspected of receiving ammo from there. Turkey has responded in kind but has stopped short of massive ground assault. Syria should not be Turkey’s Vietnam. Bashar and his backers in Teheran and Baghdad could turn the Kurds against Turkey in what would really be a “worst case scenario” for the region.

Below is an article from one of my favorite political analysts Robert Wright on the Turkish situation.

Why Turkey and Syria are Heading toward War – The Atlantic.


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