Turkey would make its biggest mistake by entering into war with Syria. A mistake which would be second only to its decision to enter another war almoost 100 years ago. Then, it cost them the empire. What will it cost now?
Turkey is the rising superpower i the Euro-MidEast region. Together with Egypt, Syria, Iran and Iraq there could be a future superstate headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. This could have been the future of this once superpower.

National Post | News


The potential for Syria’s revolt-turned-civil war engulfing the wider region seems to be growing by the day.

Turkey and Syria continue to trade daily shell fire since five Turkish civilians in the border town of Akcakale were killed by the Syrian military last week. On Wednesday, a Syrian Arab Airlines passenger jet en route from Moscow to Damascus was forced to land in Ankara by two Turkish F16 fighter jets.

Tellingly, a meeting of Vladimir Putin, the Russian president and a chief ally of the Syrian regime, and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister, set to take place in Ankara next week, has been abandoned.


Oil prices have surged, in part because of the potential for all-out war between two of the region’s most important players.

But observers believe a Turkish invasion of Syria could do more harm than good, failing to help the rebels, inspiring a…

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