Murat Karayilan: Hoping for a Kurdish Spring

Kurds are 40 million strong. They spread out along the southeast Turkish border and into Syria, Iraq and Iran. The most famous Kurd in Islamic history is Sultan Salahdin Ayubi (RA). He was the man who united Syria and Egypt to make a unified army under his command which then liberated Al Quds (jerusalem) from the Crusader kingdom.

The Kurds are now fighting on several fronts. In Iraq they were nearly imprisoned by the Baathists. Syria is no different. Now with Syria and Turkey nearing a full blown conflict Kurds in the buffer zone could be the favorite shooting target for Syrian and Turkish forces.

The borders that unjustly separated a nation only to keep another nation satisfied (at least partically) is a massive exercise of injustice by the colonialists at the end of WWI. Dividing the Ottoman provinces created this mess we see today. Further divisions will only help to increase border tensions and raise the prospect of war in the region.

Kurdish political party PKK is almost like the PLO of the Kurds. Here is an interview from the leader of the PKK to Al-Jazeera:

Murat Karayilan: Hoping for a Kurdish Spring – Talk to Al Jazeera – Al Jazeera English.


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