Palestine genocide is driving sunni-shia unity

Saudis were clamoring for western intervention in Syria “to save Syrian children”. Same rulers must have missed the CNN breaking news regarding Israeli attacks on Palestinian women and children. Bashar al Assad is a criminal. Worse still are those monarchs for whom Syrian and Palestinian children are tools for advancing their selfish agenda. Its not very diffcicult to figure out what the Saudis really want out of Syria. They want to remove the only Arab base for pro Iran shia uprising against sunni dynasties.

The shia-sunni divide works very conveniently for the wahabists. They use the fear factor on the population through their hired voices of so-called scholars. Religious verdicts against shias are in mass production in countries where there is any suspicion about anti government activity. Its used to convince people that is they dont defend against a shia control they will burn in hell forever. This way their populations are led away from the Palestinian question to the shia question. Over ruling the fact that both sunnis and shias are affected in Palestine.

On the other side, vested agents of the zionist regime come up with fancy tales of shia dogma. It is specially so when some shia extremists claim divinity for Caliph Ali. There are shia groups who dont want to loose an opportunity to add fuel to the fire by falsely accusing the first 2 caliphs of Islam. All of this is done with an evil purpose which is to keep the sunni-shia unity as far apart as possible.

The attacks on shia shrines is just an example of this deceptive strategy. No sunni in his right mind would ever attack a masjid on friday. Only the worst case of a kafir, munafiq and mushrik would do that. Assuming responsibility for such sectarian attacks by any alleged group is in itself a highly suspicious act. Why would they do that? To show that they are mass murderers with an Islamic label? Whose purpose would that serve? Definitely not the muslim ummah’s.

Israel disclosed its plans to attack Gazza. They had no reservation about the genocide. Strange, that’s how nazi Germany behaved. It was’nt the Israeli plan which shocked muslims all over the world. It was the double crossing back stabbing nature of the muslim governments which raised questions. How could the Arab region sit and watch the genocide of Palestinians as if it was a soap opera from Lebanon?

Rulers have petty agendas and we have come to accept it as it is. Common people will not act in the same way as the traitors. Sunni-shia communities are coming closer together than ever before. They understand the complicated game in very simple terms. The anti-Islamic group of pro zionists want to use the sunnis against the shias wherever they can. So long as there is disunity between these two groups middle east can be dictated. Sunni-shia unity will mean big trouble for zionists and their local agents. With this simplistic understanding common people are turning aside from divisiveness by bonding at different levels under a common cause. For Palestine that noble common cause is to gain freedom from the Zionist regime.

The pro-israeli group’s agendas are going to backfire in the face of common man’s desire for unity.


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