Shii-Sunni unity – whats stopping it…

True enough muslims all over the world are eager for muslim unity. If that is the collective will of the ummah then whats stopping it? We have to understand this point carefully.
Between muslims (individuals and families) we dont see enemity based on any sect or practice. A muslim father (or mother) will treat any child with love and affection as he cares for his own. He will not say, “Oh, I will be kind to sunni kids and harsh with shii kids”. There is cordial and brotherly connection between muslim families whether they are shiis or sunnis. If we only look around for these examples we will see that between people there are no serious issues. Where is the divide between shii-sunni coming from if common people dont have such divisive mentality?
These divisions are cleverly “innovated” by hired preachers whose only job is to satisfy their paymaster. Monarchs, dictators and oligarchs can hold on to their power so long as the people dont revolt against them. For these rulers Islamic aqeedah (creed) is important only as much as it can prolong their grip on power. They dont have any other concern for muslim ummah. 
There are powerful countries whose interest in the Islamic lands is due to oil, gas and trading routes. On top of that they know that a united muslim block will surely throw the zionists out of Palestine. To safeguard their economic and strategic interests they have planted ruthless unislamic tyrants in the ummah whose only job is to secure the artificial boundaries between islamic lands and to brutally silence the ummah from any opposition.
The shii-sunni divide is nothing but a tool for a few people who serve the interest of their paymasters. The artificial boundaries and the forced nationalistic (racist) separation of people is not an islamic thought at all. It is by the design of islam’s enemies. In these times muslim ummah desperately needs a platform for exposing the politico-religious bluff of the party of evil who have nothing to do with islam or the muslim ummah.

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