Hefazat-e-Islam – how powerful a socio-political force is it?

Secularists control the media. They prefer portrayal of a moderate muslim country if not outright secular. Media wants to prove this country’s secular credentials to the “international community” as one of its justifications to be in the media industry. Stepping outside the written script of western liberalist friends I would like to propose how Hefazate is changing the political map of Bangladesh. 
A unified Islamic state would replace the secular materialistic society with an Islamic society. An Islamic state on the world stage will alter the balance of power in international politics. The “international community” does not want to see a powerful “Islamic community” as its rival in global domination.
In 1947 when muslims united under the banner of Muslim League they divided Hindustan and created most powerful muslim state in the world of that time after the Turkish Ottoman defeat. Pakistan however failed to rise to the occasion, it failed to step into the robes of the Ottomans. Pakistan should have been the new center of Islamic Khilafah after the abolishment of the Ottomans.

Leftist socialist and communist ideology is a religion too. The difference is, there is no God in that religion. It is a godless religion based on materialism, self benefit and sensual pleasures. What makes socialism an ideal enemy is its call for equality.

Islam clashes head on with socialism/communism as the fundamental difference between them is their core belief in God. A disbeliever in God cant be Islamic at the same time without being hypocritical.

The issue of Holy Prophet (sallillahu alihi wa sallam) is a core issue for the believers. It’s the life line of the body of the muslim ummah. By attacking the honor of the Nabi Karim (swm) atheists attacked the very life-line of the Muslim ummah.

Muslim ummah has two options. They could accept the attack and thereby ensure the gradual destruction of the religion itself resembling like a sinking Titanic. Or, they could stand up and unite against this attack and strengthen themselves against atheist attacks.

Common people love Allah, His Rasul (swm), they love their deen , they love the Holy Quran, salah, sawm, zakah, hajj and all the religious festivals. Hifazate Islami has momentarily united muslims on this issue which also happens to be most fundamental and sacred.

The country is divided into two broad groups. Believers on one side. Atheists on the other side. Hefazate Islam enjoys 3 kinds of public opinions.

One is in favor of them. This group includes madrassahs, Islamic institutions, political parties, and other Islamic groups.

Second group is anti Hefazat. This group consists of leftists, communists, socialists, pro-western secularists and atheists.

Third group is neither-here-nor-there confused group. They support Hefazat because they dont support atheists. 

We are seeing a strange situation. Group 1 is not reaching out to Group 3. Group 2 is trying to convince Group 3 to join its cause of “secularism”. Group 3 is just swinging between 1 and 2.

It leads to one conclusion. Group 1 is not able to capture the momentum in its full swing yet. While Group 2 is in the most vulnerable position which Group 1 is not yet exploiting. Group 3 is sadly in desperate search for a leadership to tell it what to do.

Allah SWT and HIS Rasul swm are absolutely sacred in Islam. It is like hydrogen and oxygen are necesary for water. A threat to this most basic and most fundamental concept is a threat to the entire body of Islam and a direct threat to all muslims.

For Group 3 the issue is one of class difference. Middle class urbanites view ‘men of religion’ with reservation. There is the concept of “shikhito bodhrolok” which means an educated professional. But there is special meaning attached to the word “educated”.

It does not include the madrassah educated or Islamically educated person. For eg, a hafize Quran is not usually placed in the “shikhito bodhrolok” group. Imams and khatibs of masjids are not included either. Hafiz,Imam and Khatibs are educated in holy books, laws, shraiah, usul, languages, grammer, etc. Yet, they are placed in a separate class, i.e. the “hujur” class. This is a class differentiation in the society. Much like the caste system of the mushrikin.

The basis of this class separation is CREED (AQEEDA). One who believes in the supremacy of tauhid and sticks to a life style that promotes Islamic culture is pushed out to a lower class tahnks to his AQEEDA being Islam. Whereas, one who believes is pushing aside Islamic way of thinking in exchange for western secular thought is given a warm welcome to the elite “shikhito” group. 

By becoming a member of the shikhito group he gets access to good jobs, business links and financially rewarding posts and positions for himself and for his family. These prestigious positions and rewards are not accessible to the other “lower” class groups.

We can then see an Islamic “lower” class group and a secular “upper” class social grouping. It is the reason why most people dont want to publicly expose their feelings for Islam, for Allah and for Allah’s Rasul swm.

This mentality has affected millions of hard working middle class people. They want to support Hefazat and its cause. They have been brain washed by the system to consider Islamic culture and society as “lower” class. They want to snap out of the class based  absurdities inherited from past colonial systems.

Hefazat’s picture is painted more by leftist media than by millions of supporters. The media shows them as ‘hujurs’ from the “lower” class who dont know anything about the modern world. Media paints the picture of dari-tupi-paan-tasbih hujur who speaks in lower class bangla language unworthy of comparison tight lipped upper class posh intellectuals.

We made up these fake social classes and gave our own silly definitions to them.

HIfazat’s new struggle promises to break the “class” barriers that have so far made few rich and millioons poor. The struggle is pulling low to no educated people from up country villages and small towns. They make up 130 out of 150 million citizens of the state. No government can ignore the rise of common sentiment as a lethal political concept.


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