A Caliphate is likely to arise out of Syria’s ashes


Article by M.A Niazi , Executive editor of the Nation 

One problem that Syria poses is that though the Syrian National Council, based in Turkey, provides an alternative, the Syrian people themselves might have different ideas. The slogan “Ash-shab yarid al-khilafat al-jadid” (“the people want the new Caliphate”) has been raised by protesters, giving rise to the spectre of a caliphate being established in Syria.

It must be understood that this is not a revival of the Ottoman Caliphate. It is actually an expression of a desire to have the Islamic system, symbolised and encapsulated in the ruling system. The Caliph will be expected to implement the other systems, such as the economic, the judicial, the social and the educational, all of which will be derived from Islam.

Such a caliphate has been said to be the goal of the militants behind 9/11 by US President George Bush. From the…

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