Syria holds the key

I would like to present the current scenario in the Muslim world for your own judgement. To provide you with some food for thought I am going to show you what the non muslims are saying about its re-emergence. This one below is from Israel:
The leader of the jihadist Syrian rebel group Jabhat Al-Nusra (Al-Nusra Front) has declared that his group is in favor of establishing an Islamic caliphate in civil war torn Syria.
Al-Nusra Front is part of the 13-member Islamic Front for the Liberation of Syria, which split off from the Syrian National Council opposition force. The front declared the northern commercial hub city of Aleppo to be an independent Islamic state already months ago.
This one below is from a catholic blog:
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. Thanks to American sponsoring of uprisings (as in Egypt), training and arming rebels (as in Libya and Syria), and coordinating bombing campaigns as well as invasions (as in Libya and Iraq), the dream of a radical Islamic caliphate may soon come to pass.

Should Syria fall to NWO forces, the radical Islamist jihadists will turn Syria into a mirror image of Egypt and Libya.  Completing a semi-circle of radical Islamic nations from North Africa to Turkey (which is slowly becoming radical).  King Abdullah II of Jordan will likely turn to radicalism quickly in the face of such a situation, or else face the threat of “regime-change” himself.  King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, already friendly with the NWO, has just pledged support to the radical Syrian rebels. 
Lebanon will quickly fall shortly after Syria does.  So all that really stands in the way of the NWO is Israel and Iran.  We know the NWO’s plans for Iran.  The only question then is what role does Israel play in the NWO?  And will it be allowed to continue to exist?  It would appear the NWO has promised the Sunni Arabs a Caliphate.  I cannot imagine a Caliphate and Zionists living together peacefully.
You see, the west and Israel are convinced about the re-emergence of the natural government of muslims which was in force for 1300 years. An-Nusra Front is perhaps the closest any party has ever got in last 80 years to declaring the Khilafah in Aleppo, Syria. To be fair lets see some of the worries and concerns regarding the Syrian situation.
The level of Saudi-Israel-US involvement in the civil war is the most worrisome factor in the uprising. The Saudis obviously are confident of making a Wahabi style pro Saudi-Israel regime in Syria as they did in the Gulf. The US-Israeli lobby on the other hand wants a Sisi type iron fist to rule Syria. Saudi-Israel-US axis basically wants to see new rulers maintaining the old equations of power prolonging the existing world order. The trio cant tolerate a new ruler intending to alter the old rules of the game.
An-Nusra wants to alter the balance of power. They are not only engaged in an armed struggle but it looks like they are receiving guidance from global khilafah movements in various countries. I am trying to figure out why the Saudis are financing the rebels if they know the Caliphate will abolish the monarchy and tribalism of Arabia.

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