Eid Al Azha 2013

The great day of festival is here. Eid Al Azha, the greater of the two eids.  
The annual meeting at Al-Makkah of muslimeen from every corner of the world should obviously be an event of HUGE significance, spiritually, socially and politically.
Since the time of Nabi Ibraheem alaihis salam Islam has been and will be humanity’s only true religion. The only true God is the God of Nuh as, Ibraheem as, Ismail as, Musa as, Harun as, Isa an as and Muhammad sallillahu alaihi wa sallam. The performance of Al-Hajj thus marks the acknowledgement of God, His prophets, His Books, Malaikas, Heaven and Hell.
Performing al-Hajj is the victory of God’s religion Islam over all other religions and defeats all other creeds/religions/aqeedas of the world. Haqq is established and Batil is wiped out as it is bound to be wiped out.
Hajj is that GREAT EVENT which marks the establishment of al-Islam on earth since the time of Nabi Ibraheem alaihi salam.
Believers offer sacrifice to celebrate this great day, as shown to mankind by Nabi Ibrahim and Ismail alaihi salatu wa salam. Neither blood nor meat will reach God. Only God fearing conciousness, taqwa, wil reach Him subhana wa taala. Dhibhi Azim, the great sacrifice, is to offer our sacrifice while knowing in full conciousness God is watching and to God is our return.
We will give charity, offer sweets, dress our children, feed our neighbors, provide for the poor on this day insha Allah. Humility, sacrifice and charity is OUR WAY. Alhamdulillah!
Qurbani by non Hujjaj also proves how that great event in AL-Makkah has been celebrated all around the world as a symbolic unity with global believers’ community. 
It also proves Deen-al-Islam’s campaign is very much ON and it is at war against the likes of Abu Jahil. The struggle against shaytan will not cease until there is no more fitnah, fasad or bloodshed, i.e. struggle will continue until genuine peace (Islam) is establsihed on earth. 
On the concluding occassion of the great event, Al- Hajj, wish everyone Eid Mubarak!!!

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