Culture of Global Movement

South Asian citizens face systematic persecution by the state authorities on non-mainstream thinkers, activists and writers. Equality before law and the value of human life dance to the to the tunes of a few at the top echelons of power. In Dhaka, some activists were provided police security while some others became the targets of police brutality. The factor that separated one group from another was the type of message that was being carried by the activists. People will not be permitted to think about ideas that go against powerful elite. Censorship rules on media in effect cut their ability to hold the administration accountable. Licenses are terminated, channels are taken off air if news coverage goes against the “thought control” strategy.

Issue of rights, equality and freedom does not come into consideration when one particular group is discriminated against another by higher authorities. The fact that both groups are made up of equal citizens of the state does not register when one group is protected while another is fired upon. Should we look farter for the definition of tyranny?

Resistance in such cases would be to take a stand against the unfair and unjust policies. In the past, resistance leaders gathered popular support using racial and religious bondings as attraction tools. It is much harder now as the oppressors sport the same color, language and religion as of the oppressed. It was a lot simpler for Indian politicians to raise mass movement against the “western” occupying colonialists, but its a lot harder for a South Asian to make fellow South Asian politician accounatable through a popular mass movement. 

Muslim resistance must be in such fields where basic value of human life, rights to safety and security faces defeat. The last known Muslim Resistance in South Asia was the Khelafat Movement, organized by the famous duo – the Ali Brothers. Other regional resistance leaders gave their support for it as well. This movement’s thoughts, ideas and concepts rest on universal outlook and global understanding of politics.


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