Behind Enemy Lines: Strategic Theory for Revolutionary Work in the Imperialist Core

Socialist revolution – is it crazy romanticism or is it the need of the hour, for the so-called “ThirdWorld” countries?


Analysis of Classes, Trajectory of Worldwide Revolution, and the Problems of First Worldism

As has been outlined in the work of various Third Worldists and those near it, the world is not as simple as the dogmatic ‘Marxist’ understanding of ‘workers vs. bosses.’ Moreover, the precise explanation of ‘who are our enemies, who are our friends’ is understood by revolutionary Marxists to be of primarily significance. Thus, we are obliged to be more precise in our class analysis than rephrasing rhetorical passages from the Communist Manifesto.

A basic sketch of modern classes (nevertheless, with room for improvement) is laid out in my previous essay entitled, On Global People’s War and Global New Democratic Revolution:

  • Direct representatives and holders of finance capital
  • The comprador bourgeoisie of the Third World
  • Bourgeois-nationalist forces of the Third World
  • A section of embourgeoisfied, largely non-productive and hence wholly parasitic workers: i.e. the working petty-bourgeoisie…

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