Surah Taha – why I think Samarri made golden calf for Bani Israeel

God delivered Bani Israeel from the oppression of pharaoh, and what did they do? They shirked as soon as they tasted freedom. Nabi Musa (AS) was asked why he hastened towards God. This could be read as, why did you come to Me while your people have become thankless and disobedient to Me! Cant you see the moment you left they began to indulge in sin, vice and immorality? Go back and straighten your people!

Nabi Musa (AS) brought two men to account for what happened. First was, his brother Haroon (AS). The Divine Book says Nabi Haroon pleaded not to be humiliated when his beard and hair was dragged by Nabi Musa (AS). It is the only time when a prophet assaults another prophet in public. It also shows how angry Nabi Musa (AS) must have been, as this embarrassing moment has now been recorded for all times.

Nabi Haroon (AS) gave his reasoning, and it seems that his logic prevails to our present times. We are told to accommodate the religious faiths and practices of all cultures, in the spirit of communal harmony, tolerance and peaceful co-existence. the unity of the community is in accepting all forms of differences and allowing room for various ways and means of worship. Truth and non-truth (falsehood) get mixed up in this situation. Nabi Haroon´s logic was that he did not oppose the making and worshipping of the golden calf for fear of sowing the seeds of disunity in the family of Bani Israeel. This same logic is used today as well to justify the co-existence of neo calf worshippers (materialists) with the community of believers. We are programmed to accept light and darkness and call it diversity.

Nabi Musa (AS) remained silent after the explanation from Haroon (AS), hinting that the explanation was considered and Haroon (as) was pardoned from above. Next came a man called Samirri. He was asked why he initiated the unholy practice of worshipping the golden calf. Sammirri´s reply was rejected, because he tried to place the blame on the angels, instead of taking responsibility for his actions like Haroon (AS) had done. Musa (AS) exiled him and made him a self proclaimed untouchable. Before Samarri was banished he was told to take one last look at his golden calf, Nabi Musa (AS) told Samarri the calf will be utterly destroyed and its ashes would be thrown into the sea.

So, why did samarri do it? He tells Nabi Musa (AS) that his heart lead him towards it. What does that mean? Human hearts are open to such dangers all the time. Our hearts speak to us, they plead with us in the name of peace, love, mercy and compassion for other human beings. We are by nature soft hearted, so we begin to generate feelings even for forbidden things. A little vice, a little immorality, is how it all starts, and it all ends up in a satanic community deaf, dumb and blind of the truth.

We fall into the trap of our own evil desires. The devil resides very close to our veins and from there we hear whispers, we hear his call and our weakened hearts push us towards him. Turning away from materialistic attractions is easy for some but immensely difficult for others. In every human there is a hidden samarri and in every human heart and mind resides the will to resist and to be victorious.

The Challenge of Islam, you ready?

As a born Muslim I was introduced to the doctrines of my faith from a very early age. I remember one lesson taught to me by almost everyone around me. Don’t ask too many questions. You will go mad or you will become a doubter. I am not sure if that was a very wise thing to do. Because the more I heard those statements the more curious I became. The questions registered in my mind like a mystery only to be discovered accidentally in the process of growing up. Now that I am a grown up (my kids will disagree) I feel I have to catch with my past – to know my world.

I inherited Islam as my religion. That is great. But how much I know about Islam is really a summary of how much I was told by the elders and the priests. Very little is of my own understanding. I found out that the elders only told me what they learned from their priests and so on. The chain of knowledge about religion and faith has been largely passed on from one generation to another, without much room for individual thinking. Obedience is an essential concept which may have been used (or abused) to shadow the concept of imagination. It is the power of imagination that gives the world its genius from the human race. Without this God given power of imagination our world would have progressed very little after the great floods of Prophet Noah (AS).

We are conditioned to think in a particular way. We go to school to learn from a teacher. Similarly we are told to go to the priest to know our religion. The masters of religion are different from the teachers at schools in one special way. Priests don’t allow their knowledge to be challenged, whereas school teachers encourage their students to ask questions. Thus religious studies have become a subject for the presumably unintelligent minds, i.e. for those who aren’t smart enough to challenge dogmas and traditions of the established clergy. This goes for all the religions around the world.

I am finding out that my religion Islam is not like what the priests has been telling me all these many years. You see, people employed at ritual centers are concerned nothing more than the number of worshippers. They don’t really care if the society outside the place of worship has turned into a living hell or not. This is anything but the religion of God, who commands humans to strive against the corrupted system of money-worshippers, I also know them as golden calf worshippers. Followers of God will listen and obey- to earn His Grace by getting things done for Him, not by sitting in a corner waiting for a miracle to fall from the sky.

Here is the challenge from Islam, lets see how many can really take it on.

Free your mind from the chains of man made thought control systems!!