Cant Understand My World

Few weeks ago I just could not explain the picture staring at me from my twitter account. You must have guessed it. Pictures were from the battered city of Gaza. How could this be, I kept on asking myself. How can a migrant community come and take over another peoples land, evict them en masse, deprive them of their rights, humiliate them, oppress them, bomb them, kill them and then have the guts to tell the world its all Gazan´s fault. Nobody has any right to say anything against what ever goes on inside Gaza or in Zionist Israel, they don’t give a damn to what the UN says about human rights or about any rights at all.

The lone super power, guardian of the so-called free world, the self styled leader of the world government, threw all its weight behind the government that killed so many innocent people under the watchful eyes of viral media. It was like telling the world, `yah, we see whats going on, we´re not blind – stupid, we just support the Zionists in what ever the hell they are doing to the Gazans and we will defend whatever position the Zionist entity chooses to take, we don’t care what you say or think. And while youre still at it, why don’t you too fall in line with us, we will buy more of whatever you produce in your filthy sweat shops`.

Is that it? that is how the world runs and that is how we should accept our fate? The poor and oppressed people are meant to work in sweat shops to produce dirt cheap GAP and POLO shirts as if their sole purpose in life was to serve the greed, comfort and luxury of others. GAZAN kids lives worth less than other kids and there is no explanation why it should become acceptable to those who are the very authors of protecting innocent lives. There is no explanation why the world government is silent witness to the Zionists crimes against humanity. WHy does the world peace committee legalize wars to disarm WMDs in one country but not in another. Does this system really help those who are being oppressed by powerful forces?


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