Khomeini or Umar?

On my way back home I was doing the only thing I could in the long commute, browsing the web on my smartphone. I was going through the history of the Afghan Wars. One thing lead to another and few pages later I was reading about a man who made a dramatic change in the political map of the Muslim world.

He was born in a simple village to very humble way of living. At a very early age he showed his extra ordinary genius at school. He was quickly moved up in the classes. finished school, went to college, taught at schools and then took off for an MA and PhD in the most respected educational institution in the Muslim world, Al Azhar University.

Became an accomplished professor before joining the Mujahideen in Afghanistan fighting the Soviet and communist troops. He went around the world telling people about the necessity to join the war effort in Afghanistan as the struggle for freedom in Islam is the highest form of worship and at a certain point in time that struggle (Jihad) becomes a fard ayn (compulsory individual duty). He was in the end assassinated by a carefully planned attack on his car killing the Mujahid scholar and his sons.

This martyr towards the end came at odds with others for a very important subject. After the Mujahideen defeated the Soviets in Afghanistan what would be their next move? Should they focus on the puppet sheikhdoms and secularists in Muslim lands or should they target the west? The scholar wanted to leave the secularis Muslim regimes alone in order to preserve the unity of the Ummah. He wanted to train fighters to take on the Zionists. His death moved the direction of the bus but not so strongly.

As of now, what we see happening all over the Muslim world is an Islamic struggle to rid the lands of suspicious rulers whose loyalty is questionable. The supporters of this idea argue that the Muslims cant fight two battles (the occupiers and the state loyalists) all at the same time. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary they say that Muslims first regain control and power over the vast Muslim lands before they involvement in any international conflict.

It looks like there are two possible ways to obtain state power. One, by uniting all the people in the state under one political flag. This was the strategy of Imam Khomeini (rh). The other way is through an armed struggle, the way of Mullah Omar. Which one is the correct methodology? I don’t know. My reader can help me out in this. But the one question that is no longer up for debate is the fact that corrupt, iron fisted dictators and anti Islamic tyrants must be defeated and exiled from the Muslims lands. It is the means which need clarification, not the end, which should be more thoroughly discussed and debated.

Struggle – the Sacred Duty

Muslims are not living in freedom. From the North African coasts to the Indo-China islands, from Russia to Yemen, dark clouds of dictatorship, tyranny and persecution hangs over our heads. We cant speak our minds anywhere, not the least in the so called centers of the Muslim world in the Arabian peninsula. How strange!! The lands of Islam have forbidden its Muslim citizens to talk and to learn the real Islam practiced by the Noble Prophet (sallillahi alihi wa alihi wa sallam) and his companions (radiAllahuanhum). As a Muslim I would like to tell my reader, I don’t see Islam anywhere in the world. What we see are rituals and ceremonies being copied from the Islamic past, but Islam as a way of life is not anywhere in sight. In this article I will focus on the one concept which lies at the heart of Islamic resurgence and revival. I am talking about the Islamic concept of Jihad Fi Sabilillah.

It is Jihad which gives life and it is its very absence which will dim the light. Western media is controlled either financially or intellectually by the post WWII neo rulers of the world, the Zionist secularists. Their agenda has never wavered and it was only after WWII that they openly unleashed their immoral and unjust filth upon the hard working masses all over the world. True, many of us work for their usurious banking systems, and their large network of multi national companies and we feel we are dependent on jobs from these companies to feed our families and pay our bills. Back breaking burdens from debt and credit cards has nearly enslaved our souls to big corporations that gives us pay checks every month. We get paid big bucks for doing silly things like charging interest on mortgages or we get a fat commission for selling shares to wealthy doctors. We know that our earnings are never in line with the actual amount of work we do so we tend to remain loyal to the employer for ensuring uninterrupted flow of large cash every month. People no longer value work, they only value brands. A workers pride used to be the quality of his output, not the thickness of his check. His tools of production were very dear to him and he took pride in what he did. Honor now seems to have been downgraded to annual bonuses and perks.

What has been the result of this cultural change? In 2008, the global financial system nearly crashed, thanks to the work habits of the Zionist controlled usurious banking system. It is a world wide network of very greedy people whose only target in life to go from 6 figures to 7 figures and then beyond if possible. They don’t care what happens to anyone anywhere in the world so long as they can meet their bonus criteria. While the small time depositors of Northern Rock qued up outside the branches to withdraw their deposits the banks´CEO was busy calculating his bonus stipulated in his contract. Well, that is how all this works, in the Zionist financial world, make money, and move on. The greedy brokers were trading bad assets which they like to call toxic assets, well hell, its bad assets and that’s it, they were sitting on a pile of bad loans which they thought they could trade with each other just long enough to make bonus and take off for some nice island down south. That is exactly what these guys did. They played with depositors and tax payers money. They blew it on bad assets. When the system crashed, the same depositors and tax payers were forced to bail them out on the pretext those large Zionist companies were too big to fail. First they screw the people and then they make them pay for it.

The explosion of the Zionist controlled usurious economic system has dwarfed the mushroom cloud that struck in Japan. Ordinary people are without any choice in this matter. They must agree to the world order and serve it like a soldier serves his unit. In return they will allow to live a life according to the picture of a dream created by the Zionist controlled media, where sensual pleasure and wealth are equated directly with happiness.

This same Zionist media has been misleading millions of people about the noble and honorable concept of Jihad. Islam is a complete way of living that includes religious belief, universal laws, civil laws, family laws, economic policy, international war and peace, jurisprudence and many other laws and policies related to social and individual matters that it makes Islam one of the few sources of civilization. To be just, you have to compare Islam with other civilizations, nations or empires, but you cant compare Islam with any religion alone without being unfair, unjust and unintelligent.

A civilization survives the greatest test by defending its values. Trojans defended themselves against Greeks, yet the Trojan values were flawed although it was based on protecting love from the evil of greedy empire builders. Trojans were still wrong for accepting the first wrong committed by Paris, for which the entire nation had to pay in blood.

Jihad is a noble concept that forms a part of the Islamic faith. A muslim MUST stand up to injustice anywhere in the world. There can be no faith, and no Islam, when Muslims turn away from crimes and aggressions. Today the Muslim world is crying for some relief from the Zionist genocide in Palestine, brutal state terrorism in Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Yemen  and other places in China and Russia. Mind it, Muslim countries are currently ruled by hypocrites and Zionist lackeys whose actions should be viewed as anti Islamic although hired scholars conveniently endorse the crimes committed by dictators. Essentially, Muslims are living under political slavery, from Tunisia to Bangladesh. To stand up to the dictators exposing their lies and corrupt rule is Jihad fi Sabilillah. The Fitnah (corruption, violence, terrorism) of so called Muslim governments should be resisted by any freedom loving human being. Remaining blind to Fitnah is a step back in to Jahiliyah (days of Ignornace) which will affect this generation and futures ones as well. We are told to resist Fitnah in the Majestic Quraan, And Fight them until there is no more Fitnah and the religion, all of it, is only for Allah.

Media controlled by Zionists, secularists and mushriks (idolators) should be taken to task for falsely equating Jihad with terrorism. The greatest Jihad in Islamic history was the Battle of Badr and the commander in chief of the first Mujahideen army was the beloved Prophet (sallillahu alihi wa alihi wa sallam). This is a struggle between good and evil, Muslims are commanded to enjoin good and forbid evil, and thus Jihad is a sacred duty based on struggle for a greater cause, it is the holy spirit motivating believers to reach the highest ranks amongst entire mankind. Zionist and Mushrikeen media intentionally distorted the meaning of Jihad. Why? Because they have the history of Jihad with them. Never have these two groups been able to resist the warriors of truth and justice in Jihad.