Khomeini or Umar?

On my way back home I was doing the only thing I could in the long commute, browsing the web on my smartphone. I was going through the history of the Afghan Wars. One thing lead to another and few pages later I was reading about a man who made a dramatic change in the political map of the Muslim world.

He was born in a simple village to very humble way of living. At a very early age he showed his extra ordinary genius at school. He was quickly moved up in the classes. finished school, went to college, taught at schools and then took off for an MA and PhD in the most respected educational institution in the Muslim world, Al Azhar University.

Became an accomplished professor before joining the Mujahideen in Afghanistan fighting the Soviet and communist troops. He went around the world telling people about the necessity to join the war effort in Afghanistan as the struggle for freedom in Islam is the highest form of worship and at a certain point in time that struggle (Jihad) becomes a fard ayn (compulsory individual duty). He was in the end assassinated by a carefully planned attack on his car killing the Mujahid scholar and his sons.

This martyr towards the end came at odds with others for a very important subject. After the Mujahideen defeated the Soviets in Afghanistan what would be their next move? Should they focus on the puppet sheikhdoms and secularists in Muslim lands or should they target the west? The scholar wanted to leave the secularis Muslim regimes alone in order to preserve the unity of the Ummah. He wanted to train fighters to take on the Zionists. His death moved the direction of the bus but not so strongly.

As of now, what we see happening all over the Muslim world is an Islamic struggle to rid the lands of suspicious rulers whose loyalty is questionable. The supporters of this idea argue that the Muslims cant fight two battles (the occupiers and the state loyalists) all at the same time. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary they say that Muslims first regain control and power over the vast Muslim lands before they involvement in any international conflict.

It looks like there are two possible ways to obtain state power. One, by uniting all the people in the state under one political flag. This was the strategy of Imam Khomeini (rh). The other way is through an armed struggle, the way of Mullah Omar. Which one is the correct methodology? I don’t know. My reader can help me out in this. But the one question that is no longer up for debate is the fact that corrupt, iron fisted dictators and anti Islamic tyrants must be defeated and exiled from the Muslims lands. It is the means which need clarification, not the end, which should be more thoroughly discussed and debated.


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