Save Yemen, Stop the Bombing

The only reason I could come up with for Bangladeshi government´s support for the Saudi led aggression on Yemen is something which Bangladeshis know but would like to avoid admitting.
In general common Saudi people are very religious and knowledgeable about the rukuns in acts of worship and in memorizing the Majestic QURAAN and mastering the science of Hadith and Fiqh. However, they are mostly ignorant about what is happening in the greater Muslim World. Media in Arab world is controlled, sanitized and doctored in a way suitable for prolonging the health of its aging dynasties.
Sectarianism is a weapon by which the Muslim Ummah has been kept divided. Shia, Sunni, Zaydi, Hanafi, Maliki, Shafii, Hanmali, Wahabi, and what not are the manufactures of so-called Islamic Ulama who without much guilt spend large amount of time thinking up with reasons to imprison the Muslim Ummah in nationalistic states so that they don’t come to their senses by erasing the borders that were drawn up by the colonialists at the end of the Ottoman Khilafah. Ulama´s scholarly work of promoting racism is ruthlessly enforced and protected by bullets bought with public treasury funds.
Whenever a popular movement emerges calling for Muslim unity and Brotherhood of the Ummah, the so-called scholars start hitting over time coming up with fatwas to basically scare the layman Ummah from joining with any other group deemed by the alems as deviant, corrupt or outright kafirs. If anyone thought South Asian Moulanas were not so good becaue of their weakness in Arabic language then what would one make of these classical Shuyukh frm the Arab heartland?
Why do we fear speaking the truth about Saudis? It is because our financial interest is connected to Saudi Arabia. 2 million workers from BD work in that country. How many work in Iran or Yemen? Not too many. We don’t want to be in the bad books of the Saudi royals for obvious reasons.
This concept of bowing to financial rationalization is wrong and it may be termed as following the Munifiq´s way. Muslims need to believe in their hearts about Muslim Ummah unification, and must join hands to resist the aggressions in Palestine, Misr, Yemen, Libya and South Asia, regardless of what is drummed up by the paid Shuyukh, the palace Ulama.
The only solution for Yemen is to stop the cycle of bloodshed first, followed by agreement on establishment of an acceptable government by all the leading groups through a political process. Stop bombing Yemen, and stop shedding blood, now!




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