Some Thoughts on Khilafat Movement

Until ISIL (or ISIS or IS or Daesh) entered the global stage Khilafat Movement was slowly gaining global enquiry and interest. The anti Khilafah group must be laughing all the way, they will point their fingers at revivalists and say, `see what the Khilafah actually stands for, we told you so and now you can see it for yourself´.

The global Islamic political party credited for the intellectual revival of the Caliphate system has taken the strategy of ignoring the importance and the effect of ISIL on the political movement. Indifference is the tool being used to brush aside the negative publicity from this messy affair.

The words ISIL (or ISIS or IS) are now directly linked with Caliphate. Abu Bakr al Baghdadi (al Rolexi) is the name and picture of the new Caliph. The truth may be totally different from what we see, but that is not the point. The point is that a particular perception of the Caliph has been established by the global media to the advantage of those who are against the Caliphate system. This perception is being upheld by different quarters with the help of Zionist controlled media. Unfortunately, Muslims are paying the price in this game without any action plan to overcome the situation. Once again, Muslims are forced to be dependent on the west to save themselves from their self declared defenders. How ironic!!

Militant groups using the image of Islam in the background, represented by men in particular dress codes, strike something really strange in my mind. Its almost as if they have all been trained at the same institute, by the same instructors and by the same weapons.How do we know the true intent of such training institutes, assuming there is one like that. Its almost like a page out of a Robert Ludlum spy book. The KGB in Ludlum´s novels built replicas of major cities and establishment centers which trained spies in counter intelligence and covert operations during the cold war. Spies were experts in foreign languages and many other skills which eased their integration with local populations.

You might have guessed it right if you thought that I was implying these media personalities were pretending to be leaders of militant organizations but in reality they are internationally trained spies having access to tons of cash, links to black market arms smugglers and so on and so forth (think Bourne Identity). These Oscar caliber spies speak Arabic like a native, dress like an Imam, act like a warrior – all as a part if their well rehearsed roles. Interestingly, their pre-recorded studio shots are conveniently delivered to all major TV channels across the world. It is sometimes perfectly timed to match election schedule to help boos a particular candidate. Sounds cheesy but that is what happened in practice.

ISIL is bent on killing Muslims and Christians. Is´nt that a bit strange. This strange group seems to be adequately funded with international currencies (mostly USD and Euros and may be gold), heavily equipped with foreign weapons, assisted by highly skilled military experts. ISIL´s achievement so far has been to push the Khilafah revivalist groups into the background through negative publicity concerning the concept and image of the Khilafah. They achieved all this with surgical precision. They must have trained hard for it for years.

In addition to tarnishing the image of the Khilafah, ISIL has also managed to divert media attention away from the genocide in Palestine, and towards their stupid beheadings in what looks like a movie studio.

What is to be done about this? Indifference will help defer the problem for a while but it will not erase the issue in the long run. Islamic groups make a gross mistake when they take the side of silence at the instance of crimes. For instance TTP in Peshawar committed a horrible crime for which Islamic groups should have come out against them strongly. With the exception of one group, all others took days to come up with silly communiques. This is in itself un-Islamic. You must be just even it is against your ownself.

ISIL, TTP and other armed militant groups are suspicious criminal groups with deep pockets and sinister ties with global espionage establishments. Muslim world is a strategic chess board where the key players are making moves at the cost of the Ummah. Attacks and counter attacks have nothing religious about them. These are old cold war style games played out in different territories. Khilafat Movement with its current leaders seems to struggle with heavy burdens sometimes too heavy to move on. The most important question for a layman like me is, why is the movement weakening? Is it due to weakening of faith in the Ummah or is it due to weak leadership?


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