Erdogan´s Politics Opportunistic or Islamic?

First let me express myself in a simple way. I admire the Turkish people and their glorious Islamic history very much. For over 500 years the brave Turks defended Muslim lands, provided security and raised the banner of Islam in Europe. Alhamdulillah. Islamic architecture, calligraphy, charity, infrastructure, economy and law flourished in the House of Osman. Our Turkish brothers and sisters were the champions of Islam and for that I have great respect, honor and good wishes for them.

Ending the Islamic Caliphate was not one of the best episodes of that great nation. What did they gain and what did the world loose is a question that needs to be fully understood and talked about. I am afraid it is not much of a concern in the mainstream Muslim intellectual circles. The main topics understandably circle around the civil war in Syria, the rise of ISIS, the chaos in Libya, the ruthless dictatorship in Misir, the new war on Yemen, development of nuclear technology in Iran, the fall of Iraq and ofcourse the issue of Palestina.

Above are obviously serious issues and they are happening as of this moment. It would seem bit fundamentalist if one brought up the issue of the Caliphate in these on going discussions. This branding of fundamentalism for going back in time to understand the root of the problem is in fact the very problem itself. let me try to make it simpler. The fall of the Islamic Caliphate in Istanbul triggered the rise of almost all the current political, social and judicial problems in the Middle East and in the greater Muslim world.

With the fall of the Caliphate, Middle east was divided up into a dozen so-called independent nationalistic nation states by the victorious British-French allies. Each neo-colony having its royal family protected by the European powers. The Arab revolt was orchestrated by the British against the Ottomans to achieve this very aim. Sherif Hussein and his sons were the treacherous leaders whose doings helped the Europeans make independent Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and later on Saudi Arabia after the Nejdi Sauds evicted King Hussein´s family from Arabia. Thanks to them, the Saud family was able to launch their Wahabi campaign first in Arabia followed by global outreach with billions of petro dollars. The Wahabi Salafi sect also pumped in funds for militant outfits at the behest of their western masters to fight proxy wars in Afghanistan and Chechnya against communist Soviets. As a result, we now have groups like ISIS and TTP.

We must remember that in the 19th century Ottomans had dispatched Egyptian soldiers under the command of Ali Pasha´s son to quell the uprising of Wahabism in the Nejd. The leader Abdul Wahab was caught, chained and brought to Istanbul where the Islamic Qadhi (judge) handed down capital punishment for his extremist (and murderous) views. This was 2 centuries ago! It is that same Kahrijite (extremist) group which is now in control of oil wealth pocketing billions for their immoral luxuries and for spreading Kharijite wahabism across the entire world.

President Erdogan is a complicated figure in my opinion. On one hand he should be respected for bringing back Islamic sensitivity in Turkish politics. Under his AKP one can see the smiles of millions of muslimeen in the beautiful land of Islam in Turkeye. Economy has improved, infrastructure has developed, education has progressed, people are living in security, all of which jointly makes Turkeye an ideal Islamic country for our modern times. On the world stage, Istanbul has exposed the cruel, barbaric nature of Zionism. Support for Palestine has won many hearts for Mr Erdogan. Muslim world will always remember Mr Erdogan as a patriotic pan Muslim pan Islamic politician who could have been the president of the entire Muslim Ummah, wth overwhelming majority votes.

However, there is another side to Mr Erdogan which puzzles me. Why does he swing back when it comes to Saudi Arabia? In Misir, Erdogan backed the Muslim Brotherhood and its leader Mursi. Saudis bankrolled El-Sisi who overthrew the legitimate government, killed hundreds of innocent people and finally pulled the country back to iron fisted dictatorship. Fast forward into 2015, Saudis attack the blessed land of Yemen starting with air attacks. Unfortunately, Erdogan has backed this move rather strangely since his previous positions showed his position for Muslim unity over Muslim bloodshed. Why did he make an exception for Saudis?

After his Teheran visit things begin to look a bit different. What started out as an anti Iran anti Shii stand after his verbal throws at the Islamic Republic for backing the Houthis, ended as a reconciliation between Turkeye and Iran whereby Mr Erdogan is said to have expressed Ì don’t care about Sunni or Shii, I care about Muslim blood in Iraq. I care about Islam`. This statement, non sectarianism viewpoint, is good and welcoming. I do believe Turkeye has a major role to play in Muslim political map. My take on Erdogan is still positive although he is deemed to be an opportunist by many Muslim writers. What he needs most is a Caliph!


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