Jews behind Armenian Holocaust

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On May 1, professor Rachel Elboim-Dror (Hebrew University), in an Opinion post at Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz,  tried to whitewash major Jewishrole in the murder of over one million Christian Armenians during World War One. However, she did accuse the founder of modern Zionism, Theodor Herzl, an Austrian-German journalist, for collaborating with the Ottoman Sultan Hamid II in carrying out the Armenian Christian massacre.

The founder of Zionist movement supported the brutal Ottoman Sultan against the Armenians, believing this will get the Sultan sell Palestine to the (European) Jews,” wrote Elboim-Dror.

She claims that since Herzl collaborated with the Ottoman Sultan, it became a “moral” (sic) duty of Zionist leaders not to recognize the Armenian genocide at the hands of Muslims, who have a long history of killing Armenian Christians. However, her distortion of Ottoman history is no different than the distortion of Jewish genocide under Nazis.

Theodor Herzl, after thrown…

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