More Ibn Taymiyyah, Jihad, the Mongol invasion; acceptance or retaliation

History of Syria, ancient and modern; hope for an inclusive future

Jihad, a struggle for inner peace

A couple of entries ago, see www. I wrote about a 14th century, theologian, Ibn Taymmiyyah. I recently gained more information about his doctrine and his influence on the Muslim religion and culture. This appears to centre around the controversial 6th Pillar of Islam; Jihad (holy war).

There are two interpretations of Jihad, the popular and arguably a majority view holds, that ”war” refers to an internal struggle to find peace, while the widely publicised interpretation refers to an external and violent form of warfare against the unfaithful. As we know, it is the second definition, that informs the actions of the mercenaries in Syria and the media, which reports their actions.

Islam was, to a degree, established, through warfare waged against other religions. As it colonised neighbouring countries it absorbed different philosophies and ideas. Though Ibn Taymiyyah was popular and appeared to be…

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