The battle for Mecca and other cities, al-Wahab and Ibn Saud, King Hussein of Hijaz and the Hashemites clan, flags at half mast/my part in the rise of Saudi Arabia

Hijaz Railway – a remaining symbol of the lost Islamic Ottoman Caliphate and its multinational outlook in the Muslim heartland. Why did the Hejazi Muslims help the Christian British defeat the Islamic Khilafah?

History of Syria, ancient and modern; hope for an inclusive future

al-Wahab (see last entry) meets Hempher the English spy

I found an interesting account of al-Wahab adapted, from the work of Ayyub Sabri Pasha’s Turkish work Mir’at al-Haramain, 5 volumes, Matba’a-i Bahriyye, Istanbul, 1301-1306 A.H., which suggests al-Wahab met an English spy called Hempher in Basra, Iraq in 1713. Hempher subsequently harnessed al- Wahab’s fervour for religious change and used it as a tool to divide the Muslim world. ”Utter nonsense”, according to Daniel Pipes, 1996, perhaps, or even a load of Turkish propaganda, who knows? What we do know is, that Britain had a very definite interest in the region and did its utmost to undermine the power of Mohammed Ali Pasha and his family, see /2014/01/25/colonisation-and-its-impact-on-arab-nationalism-in-the-19th-century-some-comparisons-with-the-situation-today/.

With or without the assistance of Hempher, al-Wahab succeeded in rejuvenating the ideas of ibn Taymiyyah, though he used different tactics to promote his beliefs. He also engaged the support of…

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