Eid El Fitr 2015 Thinking About Muslim Ummah

Alhamdulillah! We are now in the last few days of Ramadan. It is time for the most important thing in the life of a Mumin. He needs to take stock of what he has learned from this blessed month. A whole month of siyam, ibadah, recitation, sadaqa and zakah must have surely brought some sort of improvement in our selves.

Muslims Ummah is but one body, if one part gets hurt the whole body feels the pain. At the end of Ramadan we will once again come face to face with that old debate regarding the moon of Shawal. The underlying question is really this, are we one borderless Ummah or are we a fragmented Ummah broken into pieces of nation states as designed by the western colonial powers? Are the Muslim states sovereign states or is sovereignty only with the Rabbil Alamin? Are western or eastern philosophers and nobel laureates our leaders or is the beloved nabi kareem swm the final leader of all mankind?

Winning a debate or scientifically proving the necessity of one moon for Shawal will not really unite the whole Ummah into one body. The split in the Ummah will continue to exist and perhaps even widen in the near to mid run. The reason for this is not the lack of rational thinking. The real reason is the lack of a central political leadership for the Muslim Ummah.

Our Shii brothers and sisters can claim to be different as they have a central state in Iran. Also, the Agha Khan Ismaili followers can be considered to have their central authority in the Agha like the Iranian Twelver shiis. It is largely the Sunni Muslim world which suffers most from in-fighting, disunity and chaos.

The rise of the ISIL has struck a bloody wedge right through the heart of the Ummah. It seems more than just coincidence that since 2001 the Muslim Ummah is being fed with one type of anti-biotic or another. First it was Al-Qaeda which seemed to have fallen from the sky all on a sudden to take the Ummah by storm. When that ended in 2011, the Ummah was made to prepare for ISIL. Both these bogey networks seemed to have been trained in the same studio and possibly by the same Director and Producer, only the actors are changing from time to time. Most importantly, the story writer for both A and ISIL seems to be the same person.

The damage created by these groups will not be easy to erase just as yet. The mentioning of Caliphate unfortunately gets first connected to the Caliphate of Al-Baghdadi Al-Rolexi as he is fondly called. The question one must answer now, is this ISIL the kind of Islamic Caliphate you all had been dreaming about? Is this the real picture of Islam and the Islamic State? After all that you have witnessed do you still desire for an Islamic State?

What we need to understand for ourselves is our responsibility. We know we have to answer for our deeds, we need to know what we have prepared for ourselves for that final day. Our Ibadah, our siyam and sadaqah are not without an ulterior purpose. These acts of worship are not exercises in vain. We have trained our hearts for something great. We need to know what that is. Nobody can tellus what our hearts have accepted with sincerity. Only we know what is hidden in our selves.

Dear reader, I wish you Eid Mubarak. I raise my hands in dua for all the Muslimeen and Muslimaat, for all the Mujahideen, for all the shahideen, for all the siddikeen, for all the daeen, for all those Mumineen who are treading on the path of Rabbil Alamin. I also beg the Almighty to help me choose that path which the saleheen have chosen. I beg for Noor, I beg for Noor inside my heart, I beg for Noor in my whole being. I beg the RabbilAlamin to send down blessings of Mercy and Rahmah on all the Muslimeen and Muslimat. I send durood and salawat upon the lader of all mankind, the Imam al Mursalin, the Ashraf al Ambiya, the Rahmat Al Alamin, beloved Nabi Sallillahu alihi wa aalihi wa sallam, and upon his noble and pure Ahlul Bayt and upon all the righteous shababe Kiram RadiAllahu anhum Ajmain.
Wa TaqabAllah Minna wa Minkum.


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