Islamic Tawheed – Earth Shattering Ideology

Never did a single statement make so much difference in the history of mankind. Islamic creed of Tawheed LA ILAHA ILLA ALLAH MUHAMMADAN RASUL ALLAH. This sentence changed the world forever, and continues to do so. Tawheed – simple as it sounds is also at the same time an earthquake of 1 million ricter scale being as shattering to the power of infinity. Let me explain…

The first thing any Muslimah teaches her child is to say the Tawheed, also called Kalimah in the sub-con. The child may be as young as 1 year old or less! As the child grows, the meaning is easily explained by her mom. By the time a child is 2 years old, she has the Kalimah solidly enshrined in her mind as the most fundamental concept of life. She begins to know and understand that she is a Muslim, she is introduced to ALLAH (Subhana Wa Taala) and the Noble Prophet (Sallillahu alihi wa aalihi wa sallam). No confusion, no theology, no deep philosophical explanation required. Simple!

This is the reality in “every” Muslim family from the shores of the Atlantic to the beautiful coasts of Malacca. I don’t know of any other single sentence which is so beautiful to recite, repeat, memorize and simultaneously so easily saved in the hearts and minds of Muslims across the breadth and width of the world. Let me say, ALHAMDULILLAH! Such a creed must be the natural creed for all humanity. It is understandable by the most diverse groups of civilization and its wonderful races of every shade and brightness. It is the concept taught in the house of a monarch as well as the house of a migrant refugee.

But why is it Earth Shattering event? Lets think about this too.

Tawheed never stops for a second as an open challenge to every other concept, idea, ideology, thought, creed, system, government, monarchy, junta, democracy, or any other future life systems of mankind. La ILAHA, ie there is no SOVEREIGN but ALLAH – this means all mankind are slaves of the Sovereign.

When the first group of Muslims around the Noble Prophet (sallillahu alihi wa aalihi wa sallam) talked of Tawheed there erupted a volcanic opposition to it. The ruling elite, the chiefs of Makkah, immediately identified Tawheed as a threat and a grave danger to Makkan and Arabian tribal society. They were actually right. Makkan chiefs understood very well that this concept, if allowed to survive, will someday change the social order most radically. Tawheed did indeed radically and dramatically change the social order of Makkah, Medinah, Taif, Khyber, Yemen, followed by all of Arabian Peninsula, and then the whole of the Arab world, then the Persians and the Romans and finally Europe (Spain and Eastern Europe up to Austria). Tawheed defeated imperialism, tribalism and other forms of life systems of 7th century within 60-70 years. Since its introduction, it withstood the attacks of Arabs, Persians, Romans, Egyptians, Europeans, Mongols, Chengez, Halaku, Crusaders, Soviet Communism, British imperialism, French colonialism, WWI, WWII, Gulf War I, II, Arab Spring, Syrian Crisis, Yemeni Crisis, and other crises present and future. But the fact is that Tawheed just cant be defeated.

Mankind stares at pages in history trying to understand how Tawheed always triumphed over all temporal volatile systems and concepts of life.