Zaidi book about Prayer (Salaat) and other Rituals

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Sources of Collected Rulings Pertaining to the Proofs of the Permissible and Prohibited:

The Book of Ritual Purity, The Book of Prayer, and the Book of Funeral Rites


Imam al-Mutawakkil ‗ala Allah Ahmed bin Sulaymān


(a) Translator’s Introduction.

(b) Author’s Biography.

(c) Content (summary) of the book.

(d) The Translation of the text:

Part 1:

The Book of Ritual Purity

Chapter 1A: Water:

Chapter 1B: Cleansing the Private Parts (Istinjā)

Chapter 1C: The Attributes of Purity and Its Obligations

Chapter 1D: Washing the Hands

Chapter 1E: Wiping the Head

Chapter 1F: Washing the Feet

Chapter 1G: What Obligates Ablution

Chapter 1H: Purification PART 2:

Part 2:

The Book of Prayer

Chapter 2A: Call to Prayer (al-adhān) and the Pre-Prayer Call (al-iqāma)

by Clean Earth (at-Tayammum)

Chapter 2B: Prayer Times

Chapter 2C: Combining the Prayers

Chapter 2D: The Characteristics of the…

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