Lernen Deutsch by Stories – 1

We picked up few Deutsch words (worter). Lets (Lasst) make (machen) a story today (heute).

Die Worte, the words are:

Fragen (questions), Wie (what), Heissen (Name), Sie (you), Wie gehts (how are you),

Wo (where), Kommen (come from), wohne (live in), Ich (I), ist (is), lerne (learning)


My name is Zena. I come from Syria.

I live in Frankfurt.

You ask me “How are you?”

I am learning “Thank you. I am good. and you?”

What is your name? asks Zena


Mein Name ist Zena. Ich komme aus Syria.

Ich wohne in Frankfurt.

Sie fragen mich. “Wie geht es dir?”

Ich lerne  “Danke. Gut. Und Sie?”

Wie heissen sie? Fragt Zena.


Can you try to write your story. Be wild. don’t worry about rules. just use the words any way you want. Go ahead, try it (Versuchen)…

If you want help (hilf) just benutzen (use) google translate.


5 Common Questions in German

Learning German pushed me to think about structures that help in learning any subject.

Words and vocab are obviously excellent store of knowledge and information. Working with simple common sentences offered for me more efficient form of picking up a foreign language. To write simple short stories in foreign language would possibly be the ideal form of gaining fluency and that is still a bit far away, hopefully not too far.

Let me invite you to join me on this wonderful journey of learning languages. My friend from Iran told me his inspiring story. He was born in Iran where he learned his native, and one of the most poetic languages in the world, Persian. He went to school in France where he could enrich himself with another poetic language – French. he completed his University in Germany, making Deutsch his professional language. He now works out of Italy, enjoying the wonders of this romantic language. Obviously he knows English fluently. No doubt, I too am inspired to at least learn one new language every year. Is that possible? I think so. According to my friend you only need to know about 20 to 30 commonly used sentences plus a vocab of roughly 80 to 100 words to get going. Most importantly, you need to be “talking” to someone in that language to get fluent and good at it.

So, lets start (lasst strat). Below are 5 common Fragen (questions) auf Deutsch (in German):

  1. What’s your name? Wie Heissen Sie? Mein Name ist ______. My name is ________.
  2. How are you? Wie geht es dir? Danke Gut. Undi Sie? Thanks. Good. And You?
  3. Where are you from? Wo Kommen Sie? Ich Komme aus _______. I come from _____.
  4. Where do you live? Wo wohnen Sie? Ich wohne in _______. I live in ______.
  5. Do you speak German? Sprichst du Deutsch? Ich lerne. I’m learning.

Learning a language is easy. Sprache lernen ist einfach.

Help me learn Deutsch. Hilf mir zu lernen Deutsch.

You will also learn Deutsch. Sie werden auch lernen Deutsch.

Thank you. Danke!

Good Bye. Auf Widersehen.


Jesus Enters Jerusalem

“My house will be a house of prayer……You have made it a “den of robbers”. Luke Ch 19 v 45-47.

The Mighty Prophet of God, the Spirit of God, the Word of God, Jesus Alihi salatu wa salam, or Nabi Isa Alihi wa Salam rises above the boundaries and borders of humans. Jesus (Alihi Salam, Upon Him be Peace or AS) belongs to all humanity. Muslims have been commanded by God, in the Holy Quran, never to make any distinction between any of the Prophets (alihi Salatu wa salam, Peace Be Upon Them). Prophets were sent with a high Mission to establish the Justice of God on Earth and to correct our thoughts, concepts and morals.

I read the Gospel of Luke last night for the very first time. Movies I saw. Books I read, but reading the Bible was a first. How did I feel? Overwhelmed. I am truly amazed at how much Muslims and Christians have in common with respect to their Scriptures. In my simplistic understanding, Christians are followers of Jesus Christ (AS), and Muslims are followers of Prophet Muhammad (Sallillahu alihi wa alihi wa sallam or Peace Be Upon Him and His Family). It is my firm conviction that all the Prophets of God taught mankind to believe in only ONE GOD and to worship none other than the ONE GOD the Sovereign the Owner of the Universe. In Islam, this concept is known as Tawheed and it is the most important concept in Islam.

I chose to study the Gospel of Luke for a purpose. It seems to me quite strange that the followers of two Mighty Prophets (AS) should be fighting each other in so many different corners of the world. It would have been more justifiable if the Believers had teamed up to defend their communities from the attacks of disbelievers.

I would expect the followers of Muhammad (PBUH) to defend their Christian brothers, also known as the Nasarah or the Helpers in Islamic terminology, wherever they make up a minority position in any Muslim country. Similarly, I would expect the Nasarah to defend their Muslim brothers in Palestine, Yemen, Bangladesh and Kashmir. Unrealistic expectations I suppose. This got me reading up and slowly brought me to Luke.

Luke, chapter 19, verse 45-47, when Jesus (AS) enters the Temple, he does something quite remarkable. He drives the “sellers” out of the temple. Was this a spontaneous act or was it planned? Could it be that Jesus (AS) had identified the “sellers” as corrupt, impure, disbelieving, hypocritical pretenders who had effectively commercialized the faith of Jews and therefore these “robbers” had to be thrown out first.

So he organized his disciples and developed a strategy to rid the temple of the impure “robbers”. The plan worked perfectly. The “sellers” were driven out, the Messiah began his sermons, crowds came to listen to him. He did it, he got the attention of the common people. Jesus (AS) was a fine strategist. Wouldn’t you agree?

Coming back to the 21st century, we have a similar situation, where the wealthy elite “robbers” have commercialized the religious industry, just as they had done 2000 years ago in Jerusalem. They control prices, the production, demand, supply and movement of goods (including currencies) and are able to purchase priestly blessings for their “services” from their Chief Priests.

Common people mostly end up as hostages to the “robbers” also referred to as Capitalists and Monopolists in modern times. A case in point is the forbidden usage of Interest (also called Usury or Riba in Arabic). Why are Christian and Muslim priests silent on the topic of “interest” and money lending business model of Banks? Should they (the priests) not be educating the masses about the evil inherent in the principle of interest on money? Interest is the foundational pillar on which the monopolistic capitalist system stands. Are the Chief Priests in Manhattan and London protecting the “robbers”?

In Islam, it is even more explicitly forbidden in the clear verses of the Holy Quran. Yet we rarely hear the Muslim priests wanting to remove the curse of “riba” (interest) from the banking industry. Is the power of the “robbers’ too great to overcome or is there another transaction “behind the veil’ which we poor people have been blinded from?




































































How Islam Challenges Traditions and Established Religions

In a world where the Nazis and the Communists are being systematically replaced by Arab-Muslim Terrorists, we need to ask the reader to take a step back and ask a few simple questions. Lets start with the Nazis. Were The Nazis Muslims or Christians (or Catholics)? What about the Soviets, or take any communist for that matter, which faith did they belong to, wasn’t it atheism? What about the soldiers who dropped the nuclear bomb on two residential towns, what faith were they, Protestants, Methodists or Baptists, or Muslims?

For all the genocidal murderers of monumental proportion, their faith was never held accountable for what they did. Never. In the case of Muslims, its always about their faith. Always. I don’t want to fight Hollywood’s justification for doing what they do, but I would like to ask a few questions concerning your beliefs, if you don’t mind. Here is a conversation with a great friend of mine called Bob (real name).

Would you like to become a Muslim?


Why not?

I am happy with my faith, my religion, my culture.

Why do you believe in your religion?

I was raised as a ******** and I believe in my culture and in the Traditions which go back centuries.

You mean to say, “We saw our forefathers following this tradition. We are guided by their footsteps….(Q.43.24)”
That’s fine. I respect traditions and cultures. But what if your forefathers were wrong? What if your forefathers had been misled by their elders. If you could come to the conclusion that you are following a wrong set of traditions, would you still insist on following those same “wrong” traditions?

What do you mean by “wrong” traditions. How can they be wrong? I told you, our traditions go back centuries, indeed generations.

But if the traditions started with the wrong idea then it doesn’t really matter how many centuries they’ve been around for, they’re still wrong.

They cant be wrong. Somebody must have noticed it in these past centuries. We have within our culture and civilizations, scholars, philosophers and thinkers of great repute.

Let me show you how far wrong that assumption is. Surely you heard of India. A land of 1 billion people. It produced some of the world’s best scientists, mathematicians, philosophers and inventors, going back few centuries and millennia. The world of Computer Science is genuinely thankful to brilliant coders and software architects from India. In Philosophy, political science, literature and just about every field of learning and scholarship, Indians have left their footprint. In spite of all their high achievements, the vast majority of Indians worship cows, snakes, monkeys, trees, human reproductive organs and many other stranger things. They believe in 3 million gods. Widows, in classical Hindu law, should be burned with their dead husbands. This ancient culture also believes in “caste” system for its socio-economic organization, which basically splits the society into certain classes which pass from one generation to another – till eternity. The lowest caste (called Dalits) are given the status of “Untouchability”. For centuries, Dalits suffered from this most inhuman form of religious segregation and discrimination that damned the human race of Dalits into hell on earth. Yet, my friend, Indian Hindus stick to this faith, despite all their learning and scientific and economic progress. Why do they believe in it? Because their forefathers trained them to do so, to idol worship since childhood and to accept the caste system and to honor their 3 million gods. With respect to its laws, no matter how inhuman or evil they may be, it was termed as holy.  Do you still want to ground your faith to Tradition of forefathers?

Hang on, not so fast. In our religion, we have our Scripture, which clarified our concepts of Man, God and Universe. They should be following us as bearers of True Light.

What would you do if you were proven wrong about the very basics of your belief?

What do you mean?

The foundation stone of Hindu faith lies in the worshipping of multiple gods. Idols, hand crafted in the shape of hindu gods, which are prayed to. Does idol worshipping and animal worshipping make sense to you? How can idols and animals be accepted as the concept of god?

No. never. You need first to have the correct concept of God and the rest builds on top of that. I agree with you.

Then, will you also agree that there cant be more than One God, the Creator of the Universe? ne God, One Sovereign, One Owner of everything in the UNIVERSE.

Yes I agree.

Do you also agree that GOD is ALL POWERFUL, ALL WISE, HE answers to none, but everyone answers to HIM? He is not Dependent but everything is Dependent on HIm?

Yes absolutely. He is ALL POWERFUL.

Do you also agree that He can never share His Powers with anyone. If HE did then the other god would also be a God and its impossible to have more than One God?

Absolutely. Only One God. If there was a second, then all the other assumptions would fail, I understand that.

Will you also agree with me that God cant have parents?

Yes, otherwise He is also a Created Being and that cant be because GOD should be EVER LIVING and EVER PRESENT.

Ok, then will you agree with me that God cant have children either? Otherwise the concept of Sole Sovereignty would fail?


God cant have a son.


Because the son would be god too, the son-god, he should be ALL POWERFUL and SOLE SOVEREIGN of the Universe as a god should be. If that happens, wouldn’t the world, as know it, collapse?

(silence)….. hmmm.

If the son-god is dependent on father-god, then the concept of GOD further weakens and shrinks to meaninglessness.


God has no parents, so how can He have children?


If the son-god can be sacrificed like a lamb, then it is not an ALL POWERFUL god. If the son-god dies, then again the son-god is not an EVER LIVING, EVER PRESENT god.


Why does Belief need to be complex? We already agreed on the concept of God. All we need to do now, is check if the Traditions we follow support the concept of God or not.

Yes. But I think I know where you’re going with this. Although I agreed with you, but I don’t think I will accept your offer to change my religion.

Even if I show you a belief system that meets the conditions of the correct concept of God?

Yes, I think so.


I cant betray my family, my community, my society, my country. I like following the traditions I am familiar with. I grew up with these teachings and I am comfortable believing them, practicing them. I don’t want to convert to Islam.

You are accustomed to your traditions, I understand that. You were raised in a certain cultural setting, which shaped your idea about the world and about God Himself. I understand that too. You live in your comfort zone, I understand that too. But these answers are, as you may appreciate, not very Rational, or logical.

It about my emotions, feelings, sentiments and basically its about loving something and holding on to that. Its not about logic or science.

Fair enough. Its about emotions. Its about the Heart. I’ll give that to you. But what about your mind? You cant walk away from your mind just like that. The question “are you overlooking the correct faith?” will keep coming back to ask you for answers. Don’t you see, why so many people have chosen unfaith (atheism) over belief in God in the last few centuries? Don’t you see the number of atheists growing each year? Don’t you see how Big Finance has slowly taken control of our societies and in some cases, entire countries? Don’t you see what’s going on around the world – how thousands have been killed “in your name”? Its simply not good enough to sit back and say ” We saw our forefathers following this tradition…(Q.43.24)”. You will have to do better than that! try to reconcile your heart and mind over all these questions. I didn’t ask you to convert. No. But I do ask you to Reason with yourself. Cover your emotions, at least for a short while. Think. Take the challenge….

“…… Whenever we sent a Messenger before you (Muhammad) to warn a township, the corrupted by wealth said, in the same way, “We saw our forefathers following this tradition, we are only following in their footsteps. (Q.43.24)”

Is Mesut Ozil Shia or Sunni Muslim?

Muslim world and its leading Ulama should take responsibility for committing a grave crime against God and Humanity. Sectarianism, lets break this down to its pieces. We had lunch yesterday on 6th Avenue with my friends from Yemen. We sat at the newly opened Persian restaurant owned by Mr Hosseini. Besides good food, we Muslims specially like that it serves Halal meat.

We just came out of the small faith room situated right next to the eatery. Its called Ondine, a strange name for a college dormitory, the favorite for foreign students for its room rates. In the faith room, I could recall during lunch, we hardly noticed the different styles of performing the Muslim prayer. Some had their hands to the side, some above the belly, some on the chest and some just below the chest.

Here comes Mr Hosseini with the dish of the town, Persian pulao rice cooked with saffron and pistachio, fragrant, mild, dreamy shades of smoke rising from the neatly placed Basmati. Interestingly, he is the only person in the entire joint. He does everything with such admirable efficiency, cooking, cleaning, serving, washing, and cleaning again.

Going back to the prayer hall. Did it really matter how each of us folded our hands that much when the most important acts of prayer, for all of us, as in bowing and prostrating, was exactly the same. At the restaurant, we have something common between all of us, Mr Hosseini included, we eat Halal food. What does it matter what name we give to the dish, its still halal and that is what really counts, the essential, not the externalities.

Muslim Ulama need to point out the fact that any kind of division, schism, sectarianism, racism, supremacism (and other such things) are not only disliked but they are indeed HARAM. Here is my evidence.

“….Uphold the Faith and Do NOT DIVIDE into factions within it” (Q.42.13)

Dear Reader, sweet reader, please open your heart and see from the inner sight that God has blessed you with. Above Holy Verse from surah no 42 of the Majestic Quran al Kareem is a simple and direct command, not at all complicated. Is it not binding upon the Believers to Not violate the basic commands of God?

Suppose you just got hired at your dream company for which you had prepared yourself for years, going to college, grad school, internship, research, publications, hard hitting interviews, tests, medical exams, criminal check, and then finally you get the job. You are about to sign the contract, the owner looks at you and tells you very clearly, “Do Not make divisions and groups in the company” before you cheerfully signed and handed back the contract. Welcome aboard, partner!

The next moment you start plotting how to create a division in the company so that your group’s interest can be best forwarded to the senior management. You form a group, in violation of the contract you just signed, and quite obviously betraying the man who hired you in the first place, the owner of the company. What should the company management do with you? Should you be corrected or rewarded?

Treacherous actions get rewards only as much as their stab in the back can get them which should not amount to much respect from the self or outside. Enduring admiration has often found a humble, kind, honest, hard working individual who remains thankful for the little and big rewards of life. Indeed, life itself is the single greatest reward for any human being.

I cant imagine why it might be any different in God’s universe. He created everything, you and me, black man, white man, China man, Danish, Nigerian, German what have you. We are all from Him and we all go back to Him. It does make sense that He would want us to bond together under His Guidance, Protection, Mercy and Forgiveness, and that we all should hold on to each other and NOT BE DIVIDED into this faction and that faction, this sect and that sect.

Ask the Syrian girl, 9 years old why her father was killed, why she couldn’t eat for days. Is it because she was Shia or Sunni or Zaidi or Ismaili or Jew or Christian? For her, what  does it matter, it doesn’t. Millions of little boys and girls like her loose either a father, or a mother, or a brother or a sister due to our actions. We bring down upon ourselves rain of fire, death and tears, lots and lots of innocent tears as we continue to act arrogantly against the Divine command of God. Our vision shortened by our racist shades and our hearts covered with iron masks of sectarianism and our ears dumbed by the music of deathly winds.

Mesut Ozil might be Sunni just as much as he might be shia. It doesn’t matter. What matters are two things. He was devastated by the racist treatment in his national team. It should have not boiled down to this in a country which leads the EU in promoting integration, and has taken in millions of refugees from the Muslim world. But Mesut’s hurt is of greater importance because it has a special kind of bonding with the hearts of millions of people (at least 31 million fb  followers) who looked up to him as the success story of a Muslim boy in Germany from Turkish background.

The second most important matter is that he has fans from all religions. His fame pushed him also to be a role model for the youth. He was a symbol of hope and motivation for millions of young men who may feel the need to be identified with someone as great as Mesut was when he was in the National team. Also, for these millions of youth, it doesn’t matter if Mesut tilted towards shia or sunni beliefs. Not only does it not matter but it is totally irrelevant.