My Imam

Monday night not known for much excitement. Tonight would be different. About 20 people attending my daughter’s birthday party. Sitting in the living room having a serious conversation on how to solve global problems. Especially those relating to war and peace in the Arab world. Towards the end of the evening, a topic hits us like a jolt.

The remark from my brother that flew and hit me sharp in the head was this, “the world in the near future will not need any concept of God. It was required in the past. Humans gave him definition and meaning and it was required for the primitive society. But now with the advancement of science and technology, we no longer need to define or even believe in God anymore”.

The future as I see it belongs to the Corporate. That future has already arrived to a great extent. The One World government of Star Trek and almost every other SciFi movie attempts to paint that picture in our minds preparing us for the society waiting in the wings. In the One World society, what need would there be of God? The Board of Governors of the World Assembly would have very credible evidences to prove how religious differences caused the deaths of millions of young men and women. Heck, look at Yemen, Gaza, Aleppo, Kashmir, just to name a few place witnessing 21st century massacre due to their religious differences. It would make sense to rid the people of doctrines that promise to spill the blood of their children. Or would it?

Lets take a step back. I don’t want war. Don’t want to send my precious children to fight for stupid people whose ambitions swirl around their ego and greed. I also happen to understand how these “strongmen” will use the religious clergy to give their hidden ambitions a sacred color making their entry into the hearts of young idealists comfortable. Its always our loos, their big fat gain. Let them go to hell in the company of their zealots. Not falling for that balognese.

Without God, would the world really be a better place? Mankind would be risking its very civilization, its moral fabric, its just laws, its very promise for equality and justice would become a thing up for debate and discussion to be decided upon by a few powerful men of the “World Assembly”.

The poor and powerless nations and ethnicities should not expect to be at the negotiating table demanding for fair and equitable distribution of world resources so that all nations live on equal living standards. Dream all you want baby, its not a world of angels.

We don’t need another definition of God. We don’t need another religion. We could be better off without the “holy” men. How about coming up with a different “thought”?

A thought about how to erase the years of indoctrination of our minds by the preachers. Once we can do that, hopefully, w can come up with another thought, a dynamic and vibrant one that will hold the promise to take us where no one has gone before, to a level from where we can truly appreciate what God wants from His creation.

To my brother, I asked “isn’t it interesting how little we know about the Noble family of our Prophet? Is’nt his family the most revered family in all of Islam?”

Yes of course it is says my brother.

Then why do we know the least about them? We know more than we need to about the corrupt families of our times but we have been blind for centuries about the family which revolutionized the world. Isnt it really SHOCKING for a Muslim? Is there any reason why we should not know about the Noble Ahlul Bayt?

Here is a list of names up to the 5th Imam. More on the Imams and the Ahlul Bayt (Noble House of the Prophet) later on…

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Lady Fatimah (AS) + Imam Ali (AS) – 1st Imam

Imam Hassan (2nd Imam) | Imam Hussein (3rd Imam)

Imam Zaynul Abedin bin Hussein (4th Imam)  Imam Zayd bin Zaynul Abedin (5th Imam  |  Imam Muhammad al Baqer bin Zaynul Abedin (5th Imam also).


May the peace and blessings of ALLAH (SWT) be upon the noble Prophet and upon his pure and noble Family and upon the righteous companions. Amen.















Mein Imame

Auf 28.08 mein grosse Bruder hat Diskussion mit mir.

Weisst du wer sind die Imame?

Nicht wirklich. ist es nicht uberraschend?

Weiss du wer ist Imam Al Ridha? Oder Imam Al Kadhim or Imam Zayd bin Ali?

Wer sind sie Imame? Wie viele sind sie?

Was ist ihre Geschichte?

Warum nennst du sie Imame?

Besten Lohn

Der Sinn des Lebens eines Muslims ist es, dem allmachtigen Gott zu dienen und dies auf genau die Art und Weise, wie es der allmachtige Gott von seinen Geschopfen, von seinen Dienern erwartet.

Durch diesen Gottesdienst mochte der Muslim den besten Lohn erreichen und das ist das Paradies. Uber das Paradies sagt der allmachtige Gott in einem heiligen Hadith:

“Der Prophet, Allahs segen und Heil auf ihm, sagte: Allah, der Allmachtigen und Hocherhabene, sagte:

Ich habe fur Meine rechtschafenen Diener (im Paradies) das vorbereitet, was weder ein Auge sah, noch ein Ohr davon horte, noch als Herzenswunsch eines Menschen vorstellbar war.”

Sacred Code of Christ

Its way past bed time. I needed some rest. Normally I try to hit the bed by 11pm, up by 6am, but tonight only 4 hours sleep would have to do. Thanks to Netflix entertaining my subconscious. I saw this movie before, I read the book also, but I just had to see the movie, again. Its about a topic that touched “a lot” of peoples’ lives around the world. The topic can be narrated from a religious point of view, as it generally is, or one could make an effort to understand it from a general perspective. The story is about Jesus Christ (peace be upon him).

2.5 billion people, almost half the world population, believe in the Christ, the Messiah. That’s a good start don’t you think? Before getting into details and those points of departure, lets at least accept the fact that Jesus Christ is a World figure loved by billions. Its even more fascinating to note that the Messiah touches hearts and minds with the warmth of mercy and compassion for people who know and those who don’t know about his mission. Simply mentioning his name causes a slight tender hand to touch your heart. It awakens you but never disturbs you. Softness comparable to falling snow on your face.

For 2000 years the legacy of Christ’s story endured. It is one filled with awe, mystery and tragedy. The “code” is as elusive as it ever was. The “story” of Christ continues and it is up to us to connect with him in the way that agrees with the heart and mind. To consider Monopolizing his story would be an act of selfishness characteristic of those who conspired against him. On the other hand, there is no such road block to let our free minds search for the Messiah within the rational storages of our hearts and the logical databases of our minds. The attitude if summarized could be something like this – “I want to know Jesus Christ, and I’m going to open the eyes of my heart to find him”.

Let start with the Passion. Crucifixion used to take “days” not “hours” for life to end on the cross. Roman soldiers broke legs to quicken the process. For Christ, an exception was made, he was pierced in the chest, and amazingly, blood “gushed forth”, meaning, he was alive at that time on the cross! This is proven from circumstantial evidence in the Gospels. .

Christ was alive when the Roman soldier struck him leads me also to believe that Christ was alive when herbal medication was applied to his body at the foot of the Cross which helped him to recover and regain strength after recuperation and rest at the Sepulchre.

His disciples had to write down the great story of the Master, just like they wrote the drafts for the Gospels. For matter of safety for the Believers such evidences and Documents regarding his survival had to be tucked away. The documents changed hands and went places but their idea remained alive and passed on from one generation to the next. Over time, Christ’s mission witnessed explosive growth and the pagan Roman imperialists decides to incorporate “religion” into their ruling system.

Rise of the “established” and “controlled” and “managed” belief system happened soon after. The high priest and the Holy Emperor shake hands, people are happy and ‘religion’ thrives bringing in followers and converts to the cause. For the Holy Emperor’s own survival strategy, all notions of any alternate story about Crucifixion had to be ruthlessly eliminated from all records, forever.

Those evidences had to be destroyed completely by any means and any “heretic” who entertained the idea of any other story of Christ would be very sorry for his beliefs, up to the pain of burning on the stake. We know this as the Inquisition. Lets move on.

But, some people did believe in another story and somehow they managed to survive the inquisition. Their story found pathway through the “bloodlines” of those people who chose to protect that narrative. You may call it whatever you want, Priory of Sion, Templars, Guardians, Holy Grail, but the point is not in the name, not at all. What is the point then?

The most fundamental point about the Ministry of Christ is his “Message” and his Struggles, his Wars, mainly against the established clergy in Jerusalem, who had monopolized spirituality, changed the concept of Justice and reduced the importance of the After life. Christ fought hard to reform this priestly, legalistic, traditional, dogmatic religiosity of “holy men”. The Messiah, the Master was a Jewish Rabbi, a reformer of Bani Israel and a revolutionary of the highest order.

Lets turn towards Arabia for a change. Abraham’s son Ishmael through Hajira brought about the Arab nation and its them mainly who believe Jesus Christ never died on the cross.

The Jewish priests who conspired against him under the cover of darkness the night before only ‘thought’ that he died and evidently none from the Temple came forward to verify the status of the holy body when it was brought down from the Cross.

There is also evidence that suggests that Pontius Pilate was surprised to hear a Roman guard claim that Christ had died. We know Pilate did not want the blood of an innocent man on his hands. Governor’s wife had warned him not to harm the Christ based on a dream she had seen.

Ideas about the escape of Christ from crucifixion, hiding of documentary evidences, knowledge of unpublished Gospels, jointly portray a version of the Passion that would definitely not be tolerated in the least by the defenders of Tradition, whose entire survival depends on a completely different narrative.

It doesn’t matter what the establishment thinks about it. The fact is that billions of people love Christ. No establishment or Tradition on Earth can take that away.