Dhaka Youth Protests

You Rock! Hats off to you guys in Dhaka for standing up to the “system”. You are doing much more than street protests, you are changing the mindset of the whole society. I just hope you realize what potential you have stored within yourselves.

In Bangladesh the vicious cycle has been spinning for decades. Since the country’s independence in 71, it has been run by incompetent, inefficient, dishonest, corrupted administrators from the top to bottom. Exceptions can be found I’m sure, but they are “exceptions” not the rule.

Lets take traffic safety for example. Is there any way to expose the hidden alliance between the business owners and the traffic police? People know what goes on behind the scenes. They, the corrupted ones, think of everyone else as stupid, well let them. It is well known amongst common folks that transport owners have shareholding partnership with police officers or with civil servants. Through this dodgy connection, business thrives without having proper licenses and permits. Those who know transport owners will verify this claim easily.

Too many innocent people died already on the roads of Dhaka and other parts of the country. The blame is squarely on the transporters, traffic authorities and police officers. They all failed to do their jobs.

Seeing you guys on the roads brings courage in the hearts of those who keep suffering under the dark cloud of a corrupt system that seems to have engulfed the entire nation and its working generations till now. Young people hold the golden key of the future. You know what needs to be done, it is to be assertive about your rights. You are citizens of the state and these politicians and civil servants always depend on the taxes and votes that we people give to them with which they bully us after stealing from us.

Dhaka’s Youth are waking up and this is the best sign for the future of this beautiful country. All the best…



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