This blog is all about “world view”.

Global media has become “goodspeak”. We are conditioned to imagine certain cultures and civilizations in particular ways. It is specially true for the Islamic civilization.

Most people outside the Muslim world see an upside-down picture of a world. You will rarely come across stories, in mainstream media, which talks about realities from the other side of the fence.

The Revivers wants to tell you that side of the story which is not captured by international media. This blog wants to tell stories of people with kids and families. About real people and the challenges faced by ordinary men.

Please join the cause of this humble project. Send your stories to the following address. Only request to you is that you write from the heart, that’s all. Eagerly waiting to hear from you….


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi and thankyou for reblogging my entry on Ibn Taymiyyah. in my view if Islam is to return to its roots, then people should follow the doctrines of thoughtful philosophers and not be swayed by the west or motivated by financial gain. I’m not religious but I’m extremely interested in the Islamic world and also wish to explore areas we hear little about on the media. If news reports are to be believed each world event occurs without foundation and this is clearly not true, history is so important as people forget quickly. Keep the ideas flowing. Willow

    • Hi. Thanks for following my blog. I agree with your thoughts. We have in the Muslim world a complex web of interested powers with deep pockets able to control public sentiments, thanks to their financial and political control on the people of influence in the greater Muslim Ummah. Please also share your ideas. I know my readers will benefit a lot from you!!

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