“Traveller With The Quran” So Inspiring Maasha Allaah!!!!

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Assalaamu alaikum,


My family and I recently discovered a lovely video series on YouTube that we all LOVE!

Its called Al Musaafir Ma3 Al Qur’aan which means roughly Traveller with the Qur’aan.  It is a series of 30 episodes where the host travels around the world to meet different types of people who have memorised the whole Qur’aan.  While interviewing them and testing their memorisation skills he gives lots of advice and motivational talks.  Keep some tissues handy as many of the episodes bring tears to the eyes.

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The Self-Reliant Genius

He was a non conformist. A man who lived on his own ideas, he was self reliant and showed the world how to live and die with honor and dignity. He had no desire for the good opinions of rulers and scholars. He made his own opinions. He built his personality and respected it. His self respect and self knowledge made him one of the greatest revolutionaries of all time. Some of his outstanding qualities have been listed below. Read till the end to know this great soul.

Some of his genius:

  1. He was the ideal Non-Conformist
  2. He understood and lived by the idea of Self-Reliant man
  3. He took Action when it was needed. He faced his problems like a man should, bravely.
  4. Never compromised on principles, never complained, even if that meant his life, literally as it actually played out.
  5. He stepped out of the past, built a new image of himself and the world around him. This man was a creator of his thoughts and imaginations.
  6. Struggle was more dear to him than comforts and luxuries. He proved it with his life.
  7. His oceanic knowledge was not retired to libraries and reading rooms. He contributed to the universe through his book, which was the first of its kind in the world.
  8. The first code for international law was written by him.
  9. He never shied away from speaking Truth and Justice to the ruthless rulers of his time. He set an example for future generations.
  10. Lived Honestly. Practiced what he preached. Never backed down from Truth and honesty.
  11. He respected himself like one respects the statesmen and rulers. He believed in himself and taught himself to contribute to humanity.
  12. The center of his world was to enjoin Good and forbid Evil, and for that he was martyred.

He was the Imam who was crucified, the martyred Imam, Zaid ibn Ali bin Hussain bin Ali bin Abi Talib Alihum As Salam.

Allahumma Salle ala Muhammad wa AAle Muhammad (PBUH).

Jinnah’s Words Iqbal’s Thoughts Divided the Jewel of the World, Twice

I was motivated to research on the Fall of Dhaka after I had been convinced that Pakistan was created by the sweat and blood of “Bengali Muslims” as much as by any other ethnic Muslim group in Undivided Hindustan. Although Dr Iqbal did not dream of Bengal to be a part of his Pakistan, but that does not matter, because  in the elections of 1946, AIML (All India Muslim League) received its largest mandate from Bengal. By 1947, Bengalis managed to create their dream country Pakistan. Not on ethnic or linguistic basis, but on ideological grounds. Why then did the minority Pakistanis in the western half accuse the majority Bengali Muslims of being “traitors”, “separatists”, “un-civilized” and “un-Islamic”? What objective was the comparison serving, sir? If Faith and Ideology had been the cornerstones for Pakistan, then it defeats every intelligent thought to reduce that lofty ideal to a linguistic, cultural and racial comparison. Does that mean that those who used these Jahilii (illiterate) statements were just plain stupid?

I understand that the British-ness of the so-called aristocrats and zamindars of the landed elites must have had an appeal of majesty which the poor farmers and fishermen could only hold in awe, but that’s utter ignorance isn’t it sir to lift up and hold in esteem the culture of the usurpers against whom, we are supposed to believe, we struggled against to get independence? BTW, I don’t think any community “gets” independence until and unless the balance of power shifts. In 1947, the balance shifted away from the British and went to the Americans.

Pakistani Bengali Muslims had never accused their western rulers of anything but “economic” discrimination. That’s quite a brilliant stand if one thinks about it. Anybody can check that claim against the historical data to verify its authenticity. For eg, which wing got the lion share of the budget? Which wing got majority of development funds and foreign aid? which community benefited most from access to finance and private credit? From which part did the country get most of its foreign exchange from? Which wing was the “majority” and which wing was the more economically “prosperous” one?

Should the Pakistani Bengalis be guilty of fabrications, lies and deceits, with regard to the above Economic statistics, then by all means they should deserve the blame for splitting the country into two. But what if they had facts and figures and supporting documents (from Islamabad) to back up their claims about the policies of “discrimination” against them? What then, sir?

The fact is this, Pakistani Bengalis were pushed out FORCEFULLY by the elites. So long as Bengalis remained part of Pakistan it would be almost impossible by certain political dynasties to capture, subjugate and steal from the masses. Not a new game I’m afarid. The real traitors who pushed the majority Pakistanis out of Pakistan learned the particular art of from the partition of 1947.

You see, we Muslims did not leave Delhi because we disliked it after living there for 1000 years. Delhi was the heartbeat (and still is) of all Hindustani and non-Hindustani Muslims. Why did we leave Delhi? We were forcefully pushed out of Delhi. Muslims were exiled, thrown out, evacuated, displaced, having been fooled into believing that we were “migrating” (a holy concept from Islamic history). Well, in reality we were not migrating, we were being kicked out of our most magnificent city in the world!!

British trained lawyers Jinnah on one hand and the famous British knight Sir Iqbal the poet-philosopher of the British Empire sold the idea of “defeatspeak” to the Muslims. They basically said, “hey look, you guys, you Moslems will suffer under the Hindus, they will never ever give you what you truly deserve. So, its in your best interest to leave Delhi and Agra to the Hindus and you Moslems go as refugees to a new country. Don’t worry about our glorious 1000 year Islamic legacy. Leave India to the Hindus, just as it was under Hindus before our arrival. So come on now, pack up and leave!”.

Bloody insane. Muslims started to believe that Delhi and Agra really should be evacuated by them. They should become Refugees and that their 1000 year love affair with Delhi and Agra should be abandoned because these really smart guys Jinnah and Sir Iqbal said so.

Why did the Muslims not open their minds? The fact is that Jinnah and others were either poor copies of their British colonial masters or incredibly greedy for fame and peerage. They had no originality. On the other hand, it would have been in the best interest of Moslems to declare their loyalty, their 1000 year passion for Delhi, Agra, Calcutta and every other city in the breadth and corner of Hindustan with total devotion to all the people who lived in those cities and villages.

Every Hindu, Moslem, Budhist, religious and non religious man, woman, child should be cared for by a Moslem befitting his religious obligation commanded to him by the One Almighty Creator of all Humanity. Moslems should have said, “hey thanks Mr Jinnah and Sir Iqbal. But we are prepared to taste martyrdom for the defense of our cities and its diversities. Every child is ours to protect. Every inch of land is ours to defend. Every religion is ours to color. We are not leaving that which our forefathers built by their blood.”

Had the Moslems stood up for her Hindustan, every man, woman and child would have stood by her side also. Don’t believe me? Look up the War of Independence 1857 under Bahadur Shah Zafar. Look up the Khilafat Movement of Ali Brothers. Also, don’t forget to search upon the great Subhash Chandra Bose and the Indian National Army. You will see what I mean when I say that it was always Natural for Hindus and Muslims to be united. It was this forceful separation which was “un-natural” for the people and the wonderful land of Hindustan.

Allow me to expose the blunders of Jinnah and Iqbal. In undivided Hindustan, United Bengal today would have had a population of 220 million making Bengal, as it always was, the single largest legislative assembly, with the highest number of representatives to the Central Legislature in Delhi. Punjab and Maharashtra would be second and third. With the support of other states, especially Punjab, the ruler of Hindustan would have alternated between a Muslim from Dhaka or Calcutta, a Muslim or a Sikh from Punjab, a Muslim or a Hindu from Maharashtra. The chances of a Muslim ruler for undivided Hindustan would have been 60% – 70%. The British colonialists were smart cookies. They invented the Westminister Parliamentary system and they could figure out what was coming if United Hindustan became truly independent. India would once again climbed its way back to be the most important country in the world, in every possible sense! Under Mughals, India controlled 25% of world GDP. A feat recently matched only by the US. With a Muslim ruler, Undivided Hindustan would become the pre-eminent Muslim country and Muslim superpower in the world, the like of which the world had never seen before thanks to the educated Scientists and Educationists in India.

How to stop Muslims from obtaining superpower status? Push them out of Delhi and Calcutta, of-course. Pushing the Muslims away from their political, cultural and spiritual seats of Delhi and Calcutta was un-imaginable in the last 1000 years. But it became a reality in less than 10 (since the Lahore Resolution) thanks to the cunning lawyers and poets.

The partition of India followed by the Partition of Pakistan came after costly prices had to be paid in blood by Muslims for remaining “ignorant” and “stagnant” with regard to the universal, humanistic and transcending principles of Islam….

My Imam

Monday night not known for much excitement. Tonight would be different. About 20 people attending my daughter’s birthday party. Sitting in the living room having a serious conversation on how to solve global problems. Especially those relating to war and peace in the Arab world. Towards the end of the evening, a topic hits us like a jolt.

The remark from my brother that flew and hit me sharp in the head was this, “the world in the near future will not need any concept of God. It was required in the past. Humans gave him definition and meaning and it was required for the primitive society. But now with the advancement of science and technology, we no longer need to define or even believe in God anymore”.

The future as I see it belongs to the Corporate. That future has already arrived to a great extent. The One World government of Star Trek and almost every other SciFi movie attempts to paint that picture in our minds preparing us for the society waiting in the wings. In the One World society, what need would there be of God? The Board of Governors of the World Assembly would have very credible evidences to prove how religious differences caused the deaths of millions of young men and women. Heck, look at Yemen, Gaza, Aleppo, Kashmir, just to name a few place witnessing 21st century massacre due to their religious differences. It would make sense to rid the people of doctrines that promise to spill the blood of their children. Or would it?

Lets take a step back. I don’t want war. Don’t want to send my precious children to fight for stupid people whose ambitions swirl around their ego and greed. I also happen to understand how these “strongmen” will use the religious clergy to give their hidden ambitions a sacred color making their entry into the hearts of young idealists comfortable. Its always our loos, their big fat gain. Let them go to hell in the company of their zealots. Not falling for that balognese.

Without God, would the world really be a better place? Mankind would be risking its very civilization, its moral fabric, its just laws, its very promise for equality and justice would become a thing up for debate and discussion to be decided upon by a few powerful men of the “World Assembly”.

The poor and powerless nations and ethnicities should not expect to be at the negotiating table demanding for fair and equitable distribution of world resources so that all nations live on equal living standards. Dream all you want baby, its not a world of angels.

We don’t need another definition of God. We don’t need another religion. We could be better off without the “holy” men. How about coming up with a different “thought”?

A thought about how to erase the years of indoctrination of our minds by the preachers. Once we can do that, hopefully, w can come up with another thought, a dynamic and vibrant one that will hold the promise to take us where no one has gone before, to a level from where we can truly appreciate what God wants from His creation.

To my brother, I asked “isn’t it interesting how little we know about the Noble family of our Prophet? Is’nt his family the most revered family in all of Islam?”

Yes of course it is says my brother.

Then why do we know the least about them? We know more than we need to about the corrupt families of our times but we have been blind for centuries about the family which revolutionized the world. Isnt it really SHOCKING for a Muslim? Is there any reason why we should not know about the Noble Ahlul Bayt?

Here is a list of names up to the 5th Imam. More on the Imams and the Ahlul Bayt (Noble House of the Prophet) later on…

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Lady Fatimah (AS) + Imam Ali (AS) – 1st Imam

Imam Hassan (2nd Imam) | Imam Hussein (3rd Imam)

Imam Zaynul Abedin bin Hussein (4th Imam)  Imam Zayd bin Zaynul Abedin (5th Imam  |  Imam Muhammad al Baqer bin Zaynul Abedin (5th Imam also).


May the peace and blessings of ALLAH (SWT) be upon the noble Prophet and upon his pure and noble Family and upon the righteous companions. Amen.