Salman Khan Conviction Unjust. Blood-Money in Islamic Law

Salman Khan´s case is a classic example where the victims rights for compensation was usurped by an unfair legal system. I am talking about the legal system not the judiciary. There is a big difference. In my opinion the judge in this case proved himself rightfully non-biased towards the super star fighting against a poor old homeless unimportant person whose death did not make much difference to most ordinary people. Judge´s neutrality in this case was admirable. That’s great, but what it does not tell us is that the legal system itself is faulty.

The question is not whether Salman was guilty or innocent, because that has already been decided by the court. The question is much more than that. lets try to understand them one by one.

First of all, the state has not opened its eyes to the cruel reality that there are men (and women) who are homeless and so poor that despite being citizens of a rising super power people are living on the streets without a roof over their heads. The glitter of Bollywood ends in the theaters, for after the show is over people go back to their dreadful states. Its a society controlled by few billionaires by the sweat of millions of dirt poor workers. The mask is very, very, deceptive. All is not at all well.

The working class have to put up back breaking work while the super rich drive around in cars that could be the income of an entire neighborhood´s lifelong earnings. Don’t believe me, ask those stars who drive around in Rolls Royce and Ferraris. The state has forgotten to look at the real condition of the society. The old saying, money cant buy happiness is true at both micro as well as macro levels.

The state just doesn’t want to talk about it anymore because it doesn’t sound quite correct in the global capitalist, money-ist, materialistic order. `Besides, what would the Americans think about such obsolete things such as inner-peace, tranquility, harmony and other philosophical stuff from the past` would be the common thinking among many policy makers. The root of the problem is here. Blindness of the state towards the actual sufferings of peoples´ conditions.

Second point, alcohol is harmful for many reasons. Why legalize alcohol when we know it does more harm than good? Its too sad that its harmful effect had to be understood by the death of an individual. But, we knew about it already, it says in the Islamic law that all kinds of alcoholic drinks are haram and we should have obeyed that command. You can argue that India is not an Islamic country so why should it submit to that restriction. Well, alcohol does not change its properties according to its consumer. India is home to the second largest Muslim population, and it used to be an Islamic country under the Mughals and the Delhi Sultans. Islamic law has been researched and published out of India possibly more than any other country in the world. Islamic connection to Hindustan is 1000 year old and it is an integral part of the Indian civilization. Of-course India can adopt Islamic laws.

Third point, probably my most important one, is this. The right to retribution should remain with the victim, not with any one else. The surviving victims were disappointed at this whole episode. They said, `this conviction against Salman has done no harm or any good to me. What is it to me whether Salman is convicted or not, I don’t get anything`. How true and how cruel at the same time. Salman spends millions of US Dollars on charity. he would have been very happy to give his entire 5 years charity budget roughly 7 million US Dollars (estimate) to the victims for their rehabilitation. I bet, other homeless men would have lined up outside Salman´s house dreaming of being run over by him!!

But that did not happen. Salman will spend next 5 years in jail, no money, no charity. Victims will live in poverty in their villages starving most of the time along with their families. Nobody will benefit from this judgment. You guessed it, I am once again talking about the Islamic system where the victims have the right to accept blood money in return for a pardon. Forgiveness is a lofty virtue and it comes with lots of material benefit as well. Only if the system had opened its eyes to it. The system of blood money existed in Hindustan before the British replaced it with their secular unforgiving codes.

Lets call a spade a spade. Salman was found guilty. He was tried as per law and that was the right thing. Trial was non biased and for that the judge must be honored. The judgment was given as per law, and that was also correct. What was wrong was that Salman was being tried fairly under an unfair legal system. Salman is guilty but the state is more worthy of being blamed for enforcing unjust legal system.

I know my Hindu friends might raise issues with this post. That is understandable. But I must also state my opinion as a free man, and my opinion is this. Islamic legal system is not blind, it takes into account the right of the victim to receive compensation. Islamic system allows forgiveness, mercy and pardon only by the victims. I feel sorry for both Salman and also for the affected ones.

Muslim World 2014 – Between Agony and Revivalism

From Cairo to Gaza to Peshawar – Muslims are desperately searching for a way out. The insanity, the madness, the killings, bombings, bloodshed and the heart-wrenching sights of mothers wailing at the coffins of little children has become a regular phenomenon. Oppression has its limits written only in the pages of books, but not in the reality Muslim lives. This situation is unique only in the Muslim world; the target of attacks is the Muslim community, the victims are Muslims and the perpetrators are also Muslims. In this issue we look at the critical areas gearing for Muslim revivalism.



While the rest of the Muslim got together with their families to eat Iftar, Gazans were bombed mercilessly by the Israeli war planes. Shelling the Gazans continued while the powers of the civilized world looked on. Some cruel-hearted Zionists climbed a hilltop to watch and celebrate when the Palestinians were succumbing to Israeli attacks. The massacre of Palestinians in Gaza was no war. It was genocide in the 21st century. The UN failed to do anything about it. The US, the EU, NAM, NATO and other alliances in the world failed to stop the slaughter of innocent people day after day.


Gaza´s genocide has brought the reality of the Arab and the greater Muslim world to the open. First, the government of al-Sisi in Egypt refused to come to the rescue of Palestinians in Gaza. The only state which defeated Israel militarily is Egypt and its soldiers are highly respected amongst the Arabs for their valor and courage. But al-Sisi chose to look the other way this time. He closed the border with Gaza, stopped all supplies to them and destroyed the famous tunnels used by Gazans to bring in essential supplies and weapons for resistance. Historically, Egypt was given the responsibility for administering Gaza while West Bank administration went to Jordan. Both Sisi and King Abdullah II of Jordan have found themselves in the net of the Zionists. Their grip on power depends on their ability and success to keep the pro-Israeli lobby happy.




Few cowards belonging to Tehrike Taliban Pakistan (TTP) shattered the concept of humanity when they broke into Peshawar´s Army Public School, opened fire on students and killed 141 children all aged below 14. TTP declared in its website the attack was revenge for the Pak Army´s infamous operation called Zarb-e-Azb, which conducted combing operations in North Waziristan allegedly killing many men, women and children. TTP claims that it did not kill any children, it was the Pakistani soldiers who killed the children after they went in to rescue them.


Pak Army has started operations in Waziristan to capture (and kill) members of TTP. Two TTP convicts have been hanged so far. 27 TTP militants were killed in air raids. Army chief general Raheel Sharif in his tweet requested prime Nawaz Sharif for permission to hang 3,000 militants in 48 hours. The people of the civilized world join the people of Pakistan in their shock and outrage over this atrocious act by a terrorist group using Islam as its shield.





ISIL opened the game with a big bang. They captured large swathes of territory in northern Iraq, exposing the inexperience and inability of the Iraqi army put together by US-friendly Iraqi regimes. ISIL quickly moved close to the Syrian border to do the only thing which carried immense strategic sense; it erased the Sykes Picot border between Iraq and Syria.


Much of the Muslim world looks at Abu Bakr al Baghdadi with suspicion. Some believe he is a Zionist spy trained by Mossad. This is according to Wikileaks and the famous US whistleblower Edward Snowden. Without the atrocities of ISIL it would have been impossible for the US forcesto re-enter Iraq. Since this is the beginning of another ghost war, another hunt for bogey men, the production floors of weapons industries will keep working full time.


While the world was furious about the genocide in Gaza, ISIL entered the scene with its famous poster boy, Jihadi John, executing innocent western charity workers. The anger of the world against Israel shifted to these desert executioners. The request to US legislators to authorize action against ISIL passed like a breeze. The game was on again. The war on terror continues under a different banner, war on IS.



Syria is another flash point in the Muslim world. The butcher remains supreme in Damascus, thanks to the help he keeps receiving from Moscow and Teheran. The success of ISIL did not translate into the fall of Assad. Cynics believe that Israel would like to see both Assad and Abu Bakr keep fighting each other until the time comes for it to occupy both to form Greater Israel according to its alleged master plan.



Lebanon is swinging between being Paris of the Middle East to being the center of Hezbollah, which is the only non-state entity to have defeated Israel in a battle. Lebanon as a state had to pay for the actions of Hassan Nasrallah (head of Hezbollah). Lebanon may not be a large country but its location and intellectual capital makes it a strategic nerve center of Muslim desire for a revival.



Arab Awakening

Four years after Arab awakening movements swept many long-entrenched dictators from power in the Middle East, it appears the old order is back with a vengeance. The uprisings were also referred to as the “Arab Spring” or “People’s movements” depending on the political orientations and preferences of those describing it.

Of all places, Egypt’s situation has been the most heart-wrenching because it has the potential to be on the cutting edge of the Islamic movement. Its loss to the military and by extension to the imperialist-Zionist duopoly is a major loss to the global Muslim Ummah. In the countries that experienced upheavals — Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen— only a few faces at the top were replaced, while the systems have remained largely intact. It could be argued that Tunisia has made a successful transition from the dictatorship of Ben Ali to a “democratic” dispensation. After Ben Ali’s overthrow, primarily because the military refused to come to his rescue, al-Nahda Party won the election but it was thrown out of office in the recent elections (end of October 2014). Ben Ali’s party is back in power. The problems that had led to the upheaval have not been addressed: unemployment remains high; corruption is rampant and the military is all supreme.

In Egypt, the situation is even worse. The military did not even wait for the political process to take its course as in Tunisia. Within one year of the election of Mohamed Mursi as president, the military returned with a sledgehammer. It not only ousted Mursi from power but also slaughtered thousands of innocent people, including women and children. People were not spared even when they sought refuge in mosques where they were ruthlessly gunned down.

Tens of thousands have been thrown in Egypt’s notorious dungeons while hundreds have been sentenced to death after kangaroo trials presided over by judges beholden to the brutes in uniform. What is even worse, many people have been terrorized into supporting the military’s brutal crackdown.

When the Ikhwan organized peaceful sit-ins in Egypt’s Rabia al-‘Adawiya Square and in Giza, these were allowed to continue for a few weeks before the military and other security forces struck with extreme brutality. On August 14 and 16, 2013, thousands of Ikhwan supporters, many of them women and children, were mercilessly killed. Even funeral processions were attacked. Worse, many Egyptians applauded the massacres claiming that Egypt had been “saved.” One wonders from what and for whom?

It appears that the west was not keen to have the Egyptian military strike so soon. Washington had already secured agreement from Mursi and the Ikhwan to advance its agenda. Mursi did not repudiate the humiliating treaty with the Zionist regime; he did not cut off gas supplies to Israel nor did Mursi do anything meaningful for the Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip. While the US may have been agreeable to Mursi remaining in power for a little while longer, the Saudis were not.

They viewed Mursi — and more broadly, the Ikhwan — as a threat to their claim to being the leaders of “Sunni” Muslims. While few Muslims outside the narrow circle of their paid agents accept their leadership claim, the Saudis continued to delude themselves. The Saudi regime was the first to congratulate the Egyptian military for its great “feat.”

The triangle of terror represented by the Saudis, Egyptian generals and the Zionist war criminals was complete. Since the coup, the Egyptian military has been busy destroying tunnels through which the besieged Palestinians used to smuggle much needed goods — food, medicines and household items — for mere survival. This was unacceptable to the Zionists and, therefore, to the Egyptian generals. The destruction of this triangle of terror is a pre-requisite for the Muslim liberation movement to have any chance of success.



The year 2014 is a milestone year for the Afghan freedom fighters. In this year foreign troops left the country after 13 years of occupation. The Afghans have been left to wonder what did 13 years achieve for them. Although it may be too early to state conclusively, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the official name for Afghan Taliban) is already making plans for celebration. For them, this is a great victory, perhaps more significant than the joy of defeating the Soviets. Beating America and its combined help from NATO will most likely place the chief of the Afghan Taliban as the undisputed leader of the Muslim community in and around Afghanistan.

The new Afghan army of 200,000 recruits will probably be no match for the battle-hardened warriors of Mullah Omar. The west has also been preparing for such eventuality. In Qatar, Afghan Talibans opened a foreign office for holding talks with international players. It is a sign of the things to come in the near future. That near future may be knocking on our doors already.


Peshawar – Sacred Hearts in Heaven

In an attack on a school in Peshawar, capital of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province bordering Afghanistan, the Pakistani Taliban killed at least 146 people, most of them children. Their spokesman said it was to avenge the military operation against them in North Waziristan. The attack lasted several hours and ended only when the seven terrorists were killed. The army is sweeping the area looking for more terrorists.

Peshawar, Blogger (Online).
Choosing a soft target—a school on Warsak Road in Peshawar run by the army—the Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) stormed a school today that resulted in the death of at least 146 people, the majority of them students. This figure was mentioned by Pakistan Tehrik-e Insaf (PTI) Information Secretary Shireen Mazari. She said 113 people were injured. Her information may be more accurate than that of the federal government because her party is in power in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province (KPP) whose capital is Peshawar.

The terrorists were disguised in Frontier Constabulary uniform and had sneaked into the school through a graveyard located behind it. They cut the razor wire and made their entry and once inside, they started firing their heavy weapons targeting students. The students were taking exams and were, therefore, all in their classes or in the main hall. Scores of students were shot in the corridors as they tried to flee. The terrorists showed no mercy. Within half hour of the attack, Pakistan Army troops had rushed to the scene and cordoned off the area.

As news trickled out, the death toll started to climb. Of the four blocks, three were cleared of the terrorists but they barricaded themselves in one block—the Administration Block—and took with them scores of students and teachers hostage. Pakistani commandoes were mobilised for the rescue mission and it took several hours before the siege was over when all seven terrorists were reported killed. During the attack, several explosions were also heard in the school.

Pakistan Army chief General Raheel Sharif as well as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif (no relation) also rushed to Peshawar. Pakistan Tehrik-e Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan spoke to the Chief Minister Pervez Khattak. He told him to reach the scene of the attack and to offer whatever help was needed. The Taliban spokesman, Muhammad Khorasani said the attack was in retaliation for army operations against the militants in North Waziristan. Before the formal operation codenamed Zarb-e Azb was launched, the army had given the people of North Waziristan three days to evacuate their homes. Most became refugees and sought shelter with friends or relatives in other parts of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. The Pakistan military has been bombing the area targeting militants. They have said most of the militants killed so far are foreigners or hardcore Pakistani militants.

The militants had vowed to exact revenge for the bombing campaign. It seems unfortunately the authorities did not take adequate precautions to prevent such attacks although it may have been impossible to prevent the school attack. The provincial government has said it has beefed up security at all schools and other institutions. Ghulam Ahmed Bilour of the secular Awami National Party (ANP) said the provincial government has “completely failed”. This must be a new low in Pakistan’s already dirty politics. Even with 146 people dead, of whom 140 are children—and the death toll may climb if other students succumb to their injuries—Bilour was playing politics using the tragedy. Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Deputy leader of the PTI said it was time to unite to confront the terrorist threat rather than playing politics or indulging in finger pointing. Given the scale of the tragedy—with nearly 150 people dead in a single operation—not only the province but the entire country is grief-stricken. Can such attacks be prevented in the future? It seems highly unlikely unless stringent security measures are taken and the Frontier Constabulary and army developed throughout the country. The blowback from the North Waziristan operation was expected. It seems the Pakistani authorities did not take this into account and ordinary people, in this case school children, have paid the price.

These barbaric murders by Tehrike Taliban Pakistan (TTP) forced on the shoulders of the Muslim community worldwide the biggest burden of all. Indeed, the coffin of a child is the heaviest thing to carry. Little children went to school never to return to their loving parents. Their fault was that their parents sent them to an army school run by an institution that is blamed for the combing operations conducted in North Waziristan that took the lives of many young Pathan boys and girls whose relatives avenged their loss by spraying bullets on the kids in the army school.

Stories of courage and horror are coming out from the survivors. One father expressed his pride knowing that his only son sacrificed his life trying to save his classmates. Tahira Qazi the principal first came out with lots of children but then went right back to rescue more. She was beaten and then burned alive in front of her students. The madness of all this is captured by pictures of the school´s blood stained classrooms and the auditorium.

The murderous act was condemned by the Afghan Taliban, who asserted that such acts were against Islamic principles and innocent men, women and children should be left out of dangerous operations. Afghan Taliban spokesman said the incident was their 911 and the attack was an attack on the future of Pakistan.

The Ameer of Afghan Taliban Mullah Omar is also said to have criticized and condemned the attack, as confirmed by multiple news sources within Pakistan. There exists confusion as to how one Taliban claims responsibility for an act which another Taliban condemns. It may be understood that Afghan Talibans do not recognize the legality of armed struggle against Muslim Governments in any place other than Afghanistan and Palestine, which makes armed freedom struggle justified in those areas. Further, Afghan Taliban basically rejected the self-declared Caliphate of ISIL in Iraq (of Al Baghdadi) which the Pakistani Taliban accepted.

Afghan Taliban and its Chief Mullah Omar would be well advised to do something more meaningful than a press statement by going after TTP militants, who, according to Mullah Omar himself, violated Islamic principles. If you really are the Chief of Muslims Mullah Omar, then you should cut off all ties with the TTP, declare all out war on them, go after the remaining militants, capture the head of TTP (Mullah Faizullah), try him and publicly punish him in public.

This should be the Ameer´s number one responsibility, as the defender of the Muslim Community, the shield behind which all are in safety, since he has adorned the title of Ameer Ul Mumineen and therefore so he must act it too. Mullah Omar should capture the TTP militants before the Pakistani army does,is your chance Ameerul Mumineen, go after the thugs and deliver justice badly needed in a world gone wrong, very wrong.

TTP tried to damage control by saying that the orders were given not to kill small children, only the older ones were to be killed. Later another statement was released saying TTP did not kill any children, it was the soldiers who shot them. This is just not going to work, and they should know better than to follow up one criminal act with another (i.e. lying). No matter how much they try to cover their cowardly act the Muslim community will not be satisfied until this ugly episode of militancy is put to the grave. This is true for Pakistan and just about every other Muslim country.

TTP had the audacity to provide evidences from scriptural text to justify their actions. They should know that what they did was neither Islamic nor Jihadist. They are trying to twist the concept of Islam and Jihad, their aim is not to defend the community but to destroy it from inside and outside. Muslims and non-Muslims across the globe should by now be convinced about these suspects. Their agenda is anti-Islamic and they desire only to cripple the Muslim community (Ummah) in Pakistan and elsewhere. Some Pakistani tweets went so far as to provide proofs which showed TTP murderers came from another religion, and from another country.

Pakistan establishment has a lot to answer. The state was created out of undivided Hindustan to be a homeland for Hindustani Muslims. It failed again and again to do just that. Its failures caused the death of millions of Bengalis, thousands of Balochis, Pathans and Muahjirs (from India), as it tried to keep the unity of the country roped in by religion on one hand, subdued by guns on the other hand. This they do in order to keep their external strategy in tact (especially with the US and China) against their arch rival next door, and this is why the armed forces keep failing to do the single most important job for which they exist, that is to provide safety to the country and its citizens. History must also be blamed for having failed to teach them that reliance on foreign powers potentially manages to push the state towards civil war, counting millions of lives and half of the country as major losses.

Armed Forces should be held fully accountable for throwing as much as a stone on the citizens. The likes of Yahya, Niazi, Musharaf and others ought to be judged in a peoples´ tribunal for the killings in East Pakistan, Balochistan, Waziristan and Swat. They have no right to hand over their air space for drone attacks, they have no right to put the lives of citizens at risk for their selfish political military ambitions.

Fanaticism has grown as a direct consequence of the establishments plans for putting together a mass religious support base to take control of the reins of state power. Using religion in agnostic desire for power and money will collapse as a model for governance sooner or later, naturally. Pakistan was taught that lesson by the Bengalis in 71, yet here we are, tearful, broken hearted, psychologically shaken, emotionally broken, drenching in our blood soaked eyes for our innocent sacred hearts in Peshawar. May God have Mercy on all of them.

Muslim Brotherhood and Tamarod #Egypt

President Mursi failed to unite his country under a broad based new political structure. The president pulled up the reforms card when he needed a radical shift from the legacies of his predecessors. President Mursi’s “play it safe” strategy has backfired. Opposition (known as the Tamarod) expects massive turnout on Sunday will appeal to the generals to action. Army chief Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi has urged the rival camps to talk and reach a resolution to prevent violence.

There are three political blocks, Islamists, nationalists and socialists. Islamists having won the elections had the ideal opportunity to prove their pluralistic credential for the first time since the end of colonialism. Sadly the country witnessed a nose dive in tolerance in the heart of the modern Arab world. Egypt’s economy likewise fell after the end of Mubarak and the people blame the president for their condition. Nationalists and socialists have found the perfect opportunity to take on the popular Muslim Brotherhood. In Egypt’s three way struggle the most vulnerable is the Islamist block as the economic and social downturns can be blamed on their performance.

Recent violence against sectarian groups aggravated the already delicate social balance. Attacks on shiites last week was the darkest hour for the president and the Muslim Brotherhood. Dr Mursi failed to demonstrate the universal and clement face of his faith when he sat next to salafists as they hurled abuses at shiites and minorities.

The Generals are watching every move of the government. If things get out of control it may be the ideal scenario for Mubarak loyalists to take a shot at grabbing power. This will be good news for Israel and her allies who dread to see a democratically elected Islamist group in Cairo strengthen itself domestically and internationally. It has always been in Israel’s best interest to see a blood thirsty strongman remain in charge of Egypt and Syria, countries which fought Israel three times since its occupation of Palestine. When Arabs look bad, zionists look good, and this gives Israel the credibility to drop bombs on residential neighborhoods, schools and refugee camps.

To face the challenge Muslim Brotherhood has mobilized supporters on the streets. Both groups look determined to win the street battle for the heart of the common Egyptian. For the Brotherhood, they can no longer blame an army dictator for the country’s problems, as they could do during Mubarak era. The problems piled up in the last one year belong to the Brotherhood. Fighting street battles with socialists and nationalists will hardly improve the economic situation. It will make matters worse for a country for a country which has seen a 300% rise in crimes last year alone.

Supporters of the president gathered in Cairo’s Nasr City district, vowing an “open rally” to protect his “legitimacy.” Egypt’s leading religious authority warned of “civil war” and appealed for calm amid scattered violence on Friday, days before mass demonstrations that the opposition hopes can force the president to quit.“Vigilance is required to ensure we do not slide into civil war,” said clerics of Cairo’s thousand-year-old al-Azhar institute, one of the most influential centers of scholarship in the Muslim world.

The Brotherhood’s political wing warned of “dire consequences that will pull the country into a violent spiral of anarchy”. It held liberal leaders, including former U.N. diplomat Mohamed ElBaradei, personally responsible for inciting violence by hired “thugs” once employed by the ousted dictator.
The army, which heeded mass protests in early 2011 to push aside Mubarak, has warned it will intervene again if there is violence and to defend the “will of the people”. Both sides believe that means the military may support their positions.

An American teacher was killed in Alexandria clashes. In response, the United States warned Americans on travel to Egypt, and moved to reduce official presence at its embassy in Cairo.

The United States, which funds Egypt’s army as it did under Mubarak, has urged compromise and respect for election results. Egypt’s 84 million people, control of the Suez Canal and treaty with Israel all contribute to its global strategic importance.

The Tamarod has surprised political analysts by throwing an anti-American conspiracy theory to the crowd after blaming the US establishment for partnering with the Brotherhood to “bring down Egypt”. Tamarod’s legitimacy as a serious and respectable political foe has diminished with such comments especially after an American death.

U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon urged Egyptians to respect “universal principles of peaceful dialogue” and to strengthen their democracy by promoting an “inclusive environment.”

The European Union’s foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton urged all sides to keep protests peaceful, build trust and show a “spirit of dialogue and tolerance”.

Morsi himself refused to consider standing down during his two-and-a-half-hour speech on Wednesday. He apologized for some of his mistakes, and offered to let opponents help amend parts of Egypt’s divisive new constitution. But in the main he focused on shoring up his own support and blamed attempts to unseat him on “enemies of Egypt” bent on undermining democracy.

Analysts emphasise that the army has little desire to involve itself after its mixed attempt at interim government following the fall of Mubarak. “The military will only intervene as a last measure – to prevent the collapse of the state itself. They know that they will be trying to catch a falling knife if they try to take over”, writes an analyst from Cairo.

A director of research at the Brookings Doha Center, argued that Morsi and his political opponents might yet agree to a compromise before such an intervention was necessary. “I think you’ll see very large protests, clashes here and there, and a certain amount of deaths around the country. But the fundamental balance of power will remain. Morsi will stay, and we’ll have an effective stalemate. Perhaps the reality of that stalemate, when it dawns on people that Morsi hasn’t left power, will force both sides to finally get serious about sitting down and making concessions” explains the research analyst.

But despite his bad administration, the toppling of Mursi – who still has three more years of his term left – will be a loss to the democratic government in Egypt and will generate a new period of chaos. Muslim Brotherhood is the largest political party not only of Egypt but of the entire Arab world. It is a party respected by the Arab street for its contributions through charitable trusts, schools, hospitals and religious learning centers. It is also the only party which enjoys popular votes in free and fair elections. Muslim Brotherhood is currently the only political weapon in the Arab world to resist the expansionist regime in Tel Aviv.

Message from a martyr

Following post was written by a young activist in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Some people term the situation in that country “War on Islam” playing out in full swing. The victims as in almost all the cases are innocent, unarmed and non-political students and teachers from traditional Islamic educational institution called Madrasahs.